Friday, January 24, 2014

::Voting:: Pink Is

Good morning!  This morning it was my pleasure to look through your
Pink Is mosaics and choose finalists.  Someone asked recently how I go about choosing.  Well, I start by looking at every. single. mosaic. in one sitting.  I open a ton of tabs and keep open any that stand out to me.  Next I sort the tabs, grouping similar mosaics together so that I can do the painful job of eliminating all but 10.  My goal is to choose mosaics that feel cohesive and inspiring.  Of course, that's completely subjective!  I also make sure to have a good variety of color schemes.

Thanks for the lovely start to my day!

Enjoy perusing these lovely fabric mosaics from Sew Modern! I've presented them first at large size to help you find your very most favorite one, with the name of the artist under each mosaic.  Voting is below with smaller images for reference.  Vote now through midnight (eastern U.S. time) on Sunday, January 26th.   The two winning mosaics with the most votes will be announced on Monday.

Good Luck Everyone!  

"Tutus and Ballet  Slippers" by Gramma Maggie

Second Pink Mosaic
"Berries + Peaches" by Ants to Sugar
Pink is {spring}
Pink is Spring by Erin D

Pink Is...
Pink is Pretty by Allison Dutton

Pink is... mysterious
Pink is Mysterious by Daisy Spirits

Pink Is...
Hot Pink, Coral + Berry by Badskirt Amy

Pink is Bubblegum by Michelle Bartholomew

Mosaic in Flowers and Ice
Flowers + Ice by Kim Kolb

Pink Mosaic Light
Pink is Light by Meg

Study in Pink by Gramma Maggie


  1. did you mean that the voting will be open until Sunday JANUARY 26? And they are all beautiful and so very hard to pick one. :)

    1. well - from what i can IS february in all the stores. :) enjoy your day :)

  2. I have always been a sucker for pink and black combos! I've got two quilts in the works right now using pink and black.

  3. Similar but different at the same time! Hard to choose!

  4. Moi c est celle ci que je préfère, bonne journée.

  5. They are all hard to choose.

  6. This was fun and hard to do at the same time!

  7. Pink is pretty!

  8. Pink is pretty!


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