Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pink Is {a mosaic contest}

Pink Is...

Pink is Hot
room, doornob, dishes, swatch

Pink is hot.  Purple-y, pinky goodness... it's trendy.   Notice me.  Love me.  Smile and wink!  Spiced with black or gold it's quite nice.

Pink is Romance
Audrey, chair, peonies

Pink is romance, of course.  Flowers and ballrooms, valentines and all that.  Like girlhood, pink is so tender, so fleeting.  Breathtaking beauty at once captured and lost.

Pink is Blushing
jaipur, butterfly, woodwork, dancer

Pink is blushing, cold.  All feathery softness.  So demure.  Pink is the untouchable, unattainable.  Were you once a ballet dancer?

Pink is Glamorous
kitchen, crochet, weaving, camera

Pink is glamorous, wow!  Say everything in PINK.  You are gushingly happy, feminine, polished and proud.  Say no more.

Pink is a Dream
home, dress, flowering tree, ballerina girl

Pink is a dream, an exquisite sweet dream we never do forget.  I dream in pink today, tonight, this year.  Crossing fingers and toes we get pink!

Pink has been ever on my mind lately, and cropping up in all my quilty plans recent and future.  Today I invite you to join us for a PINK Fabric Mosaic contest sponsored by Sew Modern.

Carefully craft your mosaic of 12 fabrics from among the offerings at Sew Modern. Choose fabrics to express what Pink Is to you.  Your collection of fabrics might be monochromatic or include traces of orange, red or purple.  Saturated or lots of neutrals?  Incorporate solids or prints or both?  Pinks can tend towards warm or cold.  No bias here. 

Once you have your fabrics, the free Mosaic Maker tool makes it a snap to create a mosaic by copy and pasting image url's from Sew Modern.  To find url's, right click on the image you want and choose "copy image URL".

To enter the contest, add your mosaic image to our collection here.  If it suits you, link to a blog post explaining your choices - that helps us spread the word about our contest.  But no blog post is required (you can put your image url in the url space).  Anyone can enter, anywhere in the world.

Add your mosaic by midnight January 23rd.  You can make up to 2 mosaics!  On Friday the 24th, I'll open voting.   We'll have two winners!  The 2 Top Mosaics will earn a complete fat quarter set of their mosaic fabrics!!! Winners announced January 27th.  Enjoy!


  1. Really...just 2 mosaics? This is so much fun! Seriously, I could make fabric mosaics all day! Thanks for helping me to procrastinate from real work. :)

  2. Oh that was fun! Thank you. Great store now bookmarked.

  3. Love Pink. (and with 2 daughters how could I not!) I'm off to give it a shot. Sherri | Thread Riding Hood

  4. With Valentine's day coming up I've been itching to knit a pair of pink socks- but since I can't start those until I've finished other projects, this is a perfect compromise! Very excited!

  5. Here's to hoping beyond hope that you get just the shade of pink you're looking for ;)

  6. This was way too much fun!!!!! I've just spent way longer than necessary browsing fabric combinations!!! Thanks for such a great giveaway x

  7. I love that there are never two combos just alike. Such great variety!
    But Rachel I don't know how you do it. I've narrowed mine down to three and trying to decide on two is hard. (Yes, I sent a bit of time on this. At least once a month a girl needs a distraction. And chocolate.) Maybe I'll sleep on it.

  8. Does anyone know where that fabulous pink building is?


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