Thursday, January 2, 2014


binding triangle scraps

Dear basketfull of itty triangle scrappiness, your days are numbered.

Scrappy Stars

My friend is due with a baby soon, and I've been planning her quilt since... I don't know, October?  For me that's a long time.   I really thought I'd be working on it right now, but turns out I'm making a quilt for Color Intensive instead that's taking, literally, all my sewing time.

Is it just me or is there always a project you are "supposed" to be making, and another that you want to be making, and yet another that you really wish you could start right this very moment?  Ironically, the one you're "supposed" to be making was before the one you were raring to start.  It's all a matter of perspective, right?

Sometimes I let myself start multiple projects and switch around a good bit based on my mood.  Feels good and can really keep that motivation flying.  But... it can also lead to project backlogs with really slow-going progress.

more Scrappy Stars!

This time I wasn't even being finicky; I was plain busy.  Still, the fact that I started these stars awhile back and have barely added to them irks me.  Happily the star points are made entirely with binding triangle scraps!

So, for now, these stars are on hiatus, but they will be.  I promise they will be! 


  1. Great colour combo as always.
    I'm not sure how these things minute your mind is clear then the next minute another new project appears in your head, it happened to me last night!
    So how soon is this baby due then??

    1. You're so right about the projects just appearing in the mind. And once they're there, how can you NOT make them? I sort of feel responsible to give them birth =).

      p.s. not pregnant yet, but still counting those chickens...

  2. Re the supposed-to-make quilt, the want-to-make quilt and the must-start-right-away quilt - absolutely. Brilliant description:-)

  3. I love it! Really! The stars are my favourite sewing item. I made some pillows with stars for my mom and I would like to sew another star quilt for my little son too :)
    Rachel, have a wonderful time and Happy New Year for you and your family :) Jolana

  4. adorable!!! And to think that you're using all the binding points (the ones I throw away all the time) is simply amazing.

  5. I love that you use every last crumb of fabric. I have a giant jar that is collecting my binding triangles for just the same reason as you.

  6. Oh my goodness, why did I never think to use all my triangle scraps on a wonky star quilt? Duh! I hate those triangle scraps because I always need square scraps. I guess I better go seek out those triangle scraps and put them all in one spot. Thanks!

  7. Precisely! Always more than I should on the go at any one time (14 last count! ooooops). Beautiful quilt and so nice to have a use for such tiny pieces. Best wishes for 2014. Claire.

  8. Love the fabric stars. That is going to be such a cute quilt.

  9. What a great use for those binding off-cuts!! And to think I've been throwing them away….

  10. fabulous!!!! I have a gigantic bag full of those triangles from bindings... but it is not likely that I will find time to sew them up - - but again, these are awfully cute...

  11. So clever! This is going to be a great quilt! Lucky baby!

  12. I have a ton of half sq. triangles that are cut from the sew and fold back corners-next you can come up with a very clever way to use those, LOL. So I love your stars :-) And nope it's not just you, I always have tons of projects in the works, tons more in my head-that's just a quilter for you!

  13. I totally understand that supposed to, want to and wishing to with sewing. Sometimes it paralyzes me into doing nothing because I can't decide WHAT to do.
    Love the scrappiness of your stars. Think that's my favorite way to go in quilting ~ the scrappier the better!

  14. I think you are dean on about the types of quilts or projects we always have hanging around! you are always so good at putting into words what I think. =)

    I LOVE the stars from the binding triangles! I've been saving my triangles for a different type of scrap quilt, but these are too sweet. i'll have to add that idea to my arsenal for when my other quilt is done. great design!

  15. that's not only happening to you...

  16. love the blocks! I've been saving scraps of mine for just the same thing!


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