Tuesday, January 7, 2014

improv in Voile

I don't mix voile and quilting cottons in patchwork.  The different fabric weights have a tendency to fight, weakening the seams.  So when I made those voile curtains, I set aside bunches of silky scraps that became my Pixie Churns quilt and, today, a new covered journal.

this morning

It's nice to start an improv projects with all fabrics already designated!  And, since these are from the same designer, they also mix and match so well.  My only thought when throwing them together is to keep the warm and cool colors from congregating too tightly in one spot.  Other than that, I try to keep the direction of movement changing and to mix up big and little pieces.

improv in voile

This was just what I needed today.  I have lots and lots of repetitive sewing to do, and I have been doing it daily for a week now.  Since I got such an early start on my work day, I decided to let myself unwind with improv piecing.

 a journal for miss Sarah

One of my dear Penny Sampler campers requested an Anna Maria Horner scrappy gift.  I hope this will make her smile!

AMH voiles journal cover

If you'd like to make a covered journal, stop by my tutorial.  This time I lined the work with muslin since voile tends to be rather sheer.  But, I don't normally line them.  Whatever works for you!

improv pieced covered journal

Now off to do my sewing duty...  Everyone have a great day!


  1. Cute journal cover, Rachel! I LOVE the look of the improv piecing- are you using the slab technique or completely winging it?

    1. I did make some large slabs, but I didn't plan anything out in advance. I tend to do some log cabin-ish stuff when I start improv piecing and then work on ways to connect them. I base most decisions on the shape of my scraps!

    2. Would you ever do a tutorial on your process?

    3. Hmm... I'd need to think how to do a tutorial on that! It's basically trying to fit the scraps together like a puzzle... sewing, cutting, sewing, trimming, adjusting, adjusting. It's such a discovery process that it'd be hard to know how to break it into steps.

    4. I'll have to give it a try:) Thanks!

  2. You continue to amaze me! Your posts are so inspiring. I don't see how you do it all! I can only aspire to be more like you :)

  3. Very pretty - that journal would be a joy to use

  4. I'm inspired! Just made a note to make journal covers for Christmas 2014 nothing like planning ahead.


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