Monday, November 25, 2013

High Voltage

Happy Monday!  Do you know, I really do like Mondays?  It's something about being home, getting back to the routine (even if it is laundry day), spending one-on-one time with my kids.  It's the regular days that add up to a truly full life, and I do so like Mondays.  I hope your day is a good one too!

fabric play

So, let's do a new quilt!  This one is for my childhood best buddy, who's third baby is due in the new year.  She's having another boy, so we're bringing out the blue and green again.  This time, I get to add yellow.  Yay.  (Yes, that was irony and I make no secret of wanting PINK.)

the poor froggies!

As usual I'm sewing completely from stash.  Look at this Ed Emberley froggie print just begging to be used!  Those frogs may be frowning at my rotary cutting, but there's worse coming, much worse...

Voltage baby quilt

High voltage!  Admittedly it felt a bit wrong to fry the frogs, but since they are frowning...  Well, it couldn't be helped. 

I'm going to be adding more Ed Emberley prints to this quilt too.  He has such great boy-friendly stuff.  Check out Fresh Modern Fabrics, Sew Modern and Fabric Spot in Canada for very cool Ed Emberley fabrics.
Catch you tomorrow!


  1. Can't wait to see it finished!!!

  2. That's a cute design for a baby quilt. I know what you mean about Mondays. I always enjoy spending time with hubby on the weekends. We always do something interesting and fun. But on Monday, I'm glad to be back on schedule. Even with laundry, I like the security of the daily grind.

  3. I like Mondays too! Though much more so since being at stay-at-home Mom. Didn't really like reporting for duty at the office on Monday mornings. :)

    Great start on your baby quilt!

  4. Can't wait to see it complete - it looks like it's going to be a really fun quilt!

  5. I wish I could stay at home on Mondays! The traffic in the early morning is awful and at work it is by far my hardest day. But: In the afternoon I teach an open-class for 5th to 7th graders, the best part of my job :-)
    We have a lot of fun together and laugh a lot.
    So there is something good on Mondays for me, too.

    Aslo coming home and seeing my Penny-Patch developing :-)

    1. Oh, Tally, I remember going-to-the-office Mondays too. Glad yours have something sweet to anticipate!

  6. Those frogs totally had it coming! I'm currently working on a zig-zag quilt, but with half-square triangles - I really like the crisp acute angles of your zag!

  7. Fun frogs.Can´t wait to see it finished!!


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