Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dowry + True Colors

Today it has been and will be raining all. day. long.  But inside, happy things are making.

Dowry + True Colors by Anna Maria Horner

Tada!  This serendipitous combo has my heart beating fast.  The fabrics combine that great bouquet from Anna Maria Horner's new Dowry collection with her True Colors Sealing Wax print in peridot green.  I adore that vintage green lace ribbon which has been kicking around in my drawer and am surprised how perfectly Anna Maria's feather ribbon ties things together with Essex in Natural in the background.  (Yes, I will be sewing this with 1/2" seams!)

Sorry, just a little bit thrilled.

for my next class!

Meanwhile I am sewing up this version.  These fabrics are all Dowry, with Essex red yarn-dyed linen.  Oh, and both of these works-in-progress are for my next class.   More details tomorrow....

Dowry Flourish Cherry

As you can see, Dowry and True Colors have arrived in my sewing space!  I actually requested some pieces from the kind folks at Freespirit, who graciously agreed to send some my way in exchange for my sharing in this space.   Which of course I will do.  Happily!

This print, called Flourish in Cherry, is so far my favorite Dowry cut.  The colors are gorgeously rich and the design is pretty even cut up.  I'd like to add the blue/green version to my stash soon.

Dowry Cracking Codes

I requested all three of this print, called Cracking Codes, figuring it would be the most versatile.  After having seen the collection in person, I'm actually more drawn to many of the other prints more.  The scale and colors in Anna Maria's collection this time is definitely hitting a chord with me this time.  I think I'd use many of them over and over again.  Even that Dowry Tangle Aquatic in the background above, which I figured would be kind of limiting, is actually one I know I'll use.  It's a nice scale with lots of negative space. 

Dowry mixed w/True Colors

In the True Colors prints, my favorite patterns are Sealing Wax (must get them all!) and this zigzag print called Going Up.  Look how gorgeously these two pieces coordinate with Dowry!

that Cathedrals shade from Anna Maria Horner!

But my favorite discovery is that Anna Maria has finally brought back that perfect rich sapphire blue from her wildly popular Good Folks collection in these two True Colors prints.  Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!  I definitely need to stock up on these beauties!

You can find Dowry at these stores:  Marmalade, Pink Chalk, Sew Modern, Fabricworm, Sew Love Fabrics, and in Canada at Mad About Patchwork

Anna Maria Horner's True Colors collection is at:  Marmalade, Fabricworm, and Intrepid Thread


  1. oh, my!!! I must get me some of that blue. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can't take these fabrics. Seriously. I'm stashing for my birthday next month! Thanks for showing how they all match up :)

    1. It is definitely a collection not to miss for AMH fans!

  3. If Dowry had of been released sooner my Penny Sampler would be looking quite different right now! My incredibly generous mom has gifted me the entire collection for Christmas to make a quilt for my bed and i think Tangle in aqua is up there as one of my favorite prints! Though Postage Due in toast is pretty fantastic! Oooh and Lineage in saltwater, love that one too... clearly i could go on
    Loving the start of your first project up there, and can't wait to hear about your next class!

  4. I agree - that rich sapphire blue is lovely!

  5. I cannot wait to see what you do with that vintage ribbon! I'm also in love with that Good Folks print - it looks like an old-school cathedral windows quilt. My mom went through a Cathedral Windows phase in the 80's and we still have loads of throw pillows to show for it!

    1. That old AMH print is actually called Cathedrals, so you're right on the money! Somehow I have never tried a Cathedrals quilt, but seems like a matter of time.... Load of pillows to show for it, hehe!

  6. Oh, yum. You are the best about receiving your fabrics and using them right away! These colors DO help a rainy day. (I think color helps me most days!)

  7. I dont often crush on fabric...but I am with Dowry it's lush, lucky you!

  8. Oh, I'm counting down the days till I can buy this! Or maybe I should put in a request for Christmas? :)

  9. Oh, I'm counting down the days till I can buy this! Or maybe I should put in a request for Christmas? :)

  10. Honestly, seeing the new AMH makes me excited for fabric for the first time in a long while…I need it!! :)


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