Thursday, November 14, 2013

a Liberty tray

Once upon a time a friend sent me some Liberty love.  O happy day!

Mod podge a tray

Since then I've been meaning to turn this rough wooden tray into something purty with Mod Podge.  I've never actually Mod Podged furniture, but I think on it. This seems like a good first step.

hmmm, hmmm

Well friends, it took about 5 minutes.  Just cut fabric to size....


plop out a mess of Mod Podge,

mod podge fabric

spread evenly and let it dry.

ta da!

Ta da! The only downside is that the Mod Podge dried rough.  Not so rough that it's bad to use or something, but just rough to the touch.  Being that Liberty fabric is so, soooo soft, the difference must be noted.

a Liberty tray

At the moment its nestling some leaves for our gratitude tree, but me thinks someday it'll be just the spot to stash new fabric arrivals, like these goodies from Sew Modern!  As any good fabric addict knows, the first step upon acquisition is simple admiration.

mmm, from Sew Modern!

many more happy days to come....


  1. Step 2: Fondle, pet, unfold, and refold. Repeat as needed. :)

  2. Beautiful. I wonder how it would be to add that pour-on resin stuff on top.

  3. I think on Mod Podging too. I'm glad you took the leap and did it!

  4. Lovely! Mod-podge is such fun. :)

  5. Rachel... Did you order your own bundle? I have that exact fabric sitting on my cutting mat :-)
    E xx

    1. No, a friend passed that too me. I think it's from Bloomsbury. I should have bought that line! I had too much self control ;)

  6. you could try a light sanding with a very fine sandpaper
    looks adorable

  7. I made a cell phone cover with mod podge & fabric. I used a clear plastic case, put the fabric in to show on the outsinde, then applied the mod podge. It turned out great. I used a 1930s print of a window with bluebird in cage & flower pot on the window sill. No one else has one like it!!!

  8. What a neat project! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I was going to say about adding a layer of Envirotex resin but I was beaten to it!

  10. Haha great minds think alike...only yours is less complicated!

  11. I said it to See Mary Quilt last week, and I'll say it here too: MAN scraps are so much more appealing once they are someone else's! What a beautiful use for that print. I made a quilt from that line that I'm quite proud of, but I can't think of anything else to do with the extra little bits. I'll have to look and see what I can modpodge some Liberty to :)

  12. Love it! I always like it when I spy a project that I can attain ;) Haven't been in the blogging world too much lately, but it looks great around here!


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