Friday, October 4, 2013

::Voting:: Washed Earth

It's time!  Thanks to all who contributed fabric mosaics crafted from among the enticing offerings at Pink Chalk Fabrics.  Choosing our finalists was a bit of a stretch for me, since this contest prioritized a soft, neutral-rich feel.  I'm easily drawn to saturated fall palettes!   But I do love these softer looks too, and I did my best to remain true.  I've narrowed it down to 10 finalists, choosing mosaics that spoke to me of the Washed Earth prompt, while feeling cohesive and inspiring.  

Enjoy perusing these lovely mosaics!  I've presented them first at large size to help you find your very most favorite one, with the name of the artist under each mosaic.  Voting is below with smaller images for reference.  Vote now through midnight (eastern U.S. time) on Sunday the 6th.   The two winning mosaics with the most votes will be announced on Monday.

Good luck everyone! 

Washed Earth Mosaic Entry
by Tonya Parnell

by Amanda at My Sewcial Hour

by Annabelle Gardner

by Laura at Waffle Kisses

Rain on the Roof Bundle
by Adrianne at On the Windy Side

Washed Earth mosaic contest
by Badskirt Amy

Stitched in Color Washed Earth Mosaic Contest
by Daisy at Ants to Sugar

by Sarah Phim
by Factotum of Arts

by The Charming Needle


  1. Congratulations to all the finalists xxx

  2. All good combinations... what a fun contest!

  3. Alas--I wanted to enter but had trouble figuring out how to do--the mosaic.
    I asked several computer-savy people to help and they were of no help.
    I did go to the site.
    Perhaps a mini explanation of how to do it or a point to another source would help. It would be useful to use this tool in other quilt applications.

  4. You must have had such a hard task to narrow it down, they are all lovely...

  5. They are all nice . Love seeing different combos :)

  6. LOVE by Ants to Sugar!!! I'm a sucker for mauves!
    Fun! Kate

  7. Such great combinations and all so different, lovely work everyone!
    Thank you Rachel for including me :)

  8. I usually don't care for these color combinations but in these mosaics they are perfect!

  9. Beautiful mosaics, not my usual choice but I found a couple I really love.

  10. love love love the one by Annabelle!


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