Tuesday, October 1, 2013

testing, testing

Yesterday was a good day for test sewing.  We had a nice morning with school and nothing planned for the afternoon.  So out came the towels and the fabric scraps, and my girly and I got sewing!  We're testing a tutorial for the next Sewing through the Year social.

we've been sewing!

Though, to be fair, she has been sewing.  Lots of space-juggling going on lately.  Aria pipes up with, "Mama, you just inspire me!"  Yep, then I say "yes" to about anything.

Aria's applique village

See, she made her own "little Village" block.  All applique and such interesting people live there, let me tell you...

simple towels from Target

Ok, back to the towels.  Armed with these plain terry dish towels, my scrap bins and Kristan of Doodle Do Designs' tutorial, we set to work.

cutting scraps

The tutorial calls for fabric scraps all 2" wide, varying in length from 3" to 5".  I cut fabric strips to 2" wide, lay them in neat rows on my cutting mat, and chop-chopped all at once.

nicely done, girly!

I did the cutting for both of us, but Aria did the rest of her project all on her own.  She struggled with attaching the patchwork to the towel at the sides.  We found that it works best to first baste the patchwork to the towel with lots of pins.  After it's spread out evening, then wrap the short edges around and sew them down. 

Aria's patchwork towel

Look how nice her patchwork turned out!  She's been hinting that she's ready to take one of my classes because her seams are soooo nice and straight.  Hmm... maybe we can hold out until we're sewing for baby (fingers crossed)? 

my patchwork towel

I made my towel a bit different, with the patchwork running the length of the towel and a hanging loop at center.  The hanging loop is just some bias tape, sewn closed and attached from the wrong side.

patchwork towels

Our kitchen towels hang from a hook by the sink (I promise, not by the mantle in the living room), so I thought the patchwork running along the bottom would look nicer.  Meh, it's OK.  I think this tutorial is best for a towel that will be folded traditionally.  We use a hook so that the kids (and let's face it, the husband) will put the towel "back" to my satisfaction.  Less pretty, but highly functional.  My kitchen's too dark for pictures, sorry!

So now I just have a few things to do to get ready for our sewing time, like cut a lot of fabrics and hopefully make a cake!  Especially make a cake.  A carrot cake.  Mmmmm......


  1. what if you hung the towel first, then decided where best to place the patchwork?
    (and you may find that you don't want a whole strip, but maybe a flower or something...)
    My 4 year old is so anxious to sew with a machine, and I am not so eager to have to share my sewing time with her (or worry about her fingers....)

    1. Yes, it is a worry - those precious fingers! I did hang the towel first to try to decide where to put the patchwork.... But, I do like your idea of a flower. An English paper pieced flower would be pretty, even for a hook-hung towel!

  2. What a great idea and yay! for your daughter who is taking up your craft. I bet those houses have some cool critters living inside ;-)

  3. How special and fun to spend the day with your daughter sewing!

  4. This is a fun project...and a sweet way to make simple towels look ever so much nicer!

  5. I just love the little village that Aria made. What is it about kids' art that is so appealing?

  6. Love the little houses ~ such a sweet village ~ Aria did a lovely job putting it all together!

    1. =) thanks, Elsa. I put it away in her "art" box that I keep for her. Now we have fabric art too!

  7. Aw, your towels look lovely! Love your colors. I hang ours from a hook too. :)

  8. I'm sure it is a wonderful story, the people who live in her beautiful village :) I love children's stories.

  9. lol I think Aria's seams are straighter than mine! I guess she got your talent genes. the towels look great too :)

  10. Thanks for the towel idea! I have some plain white towels I bought years ago sitting in a bin; now I know what to do with them!


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