Monday, September 2, 2013

testing, testing

This Thursday is our first meeting of local friends for Sewing Through the Year.  Aria and I took advantage of the afternoon to test out the project - fabric dish covers a.k.a. eco travel lids, tutorial by Allyson Hill

sewing together

We each made one, hers fitted for this large bowl and mine for a 9" x 13" baking pan. 

Aria + Me sewing

I wanted to see where the tricky parts might be and how long it would take us both, sharing an iron and sewing machine, to complete the project.  We didn't try to rush.  I even hung out a load of laundry when she was taking her time sewing around her circle!  Both covers were finished after an hour and a half.

works for any shape!

I think the trickiest part was the very first step - making a cutting line 3" larger than the dish on all sides.  We used a short, stiff quilting ruler and a regular pen.  After that it was pretty much just make a casing, stuff the elastic and voila!

useful project for new sewists

The sewing is pretty forgiving.  Aria did all the cutting and sewing and... well everything herself!  This would totally be a great project for kiddos or anyone new to sewing.  And, it makes a practical cover that replaces plastic wrap or foil for transporting a dish to a party or for short-term food storage.

Eco Lid for 9 x 12 pan

I already have a pair of circular covers I made years ago, so this 9" x 13" dish cover rounds out my collection.  They're washable and kind of cute.  You could buy ripstop nylon for the lining, as Allyson suggests, but I've just used fabric on hand.  I've used tight-woven synthetics in the past, thinking they're less breathable than cotton.  Today I used a plastic-coated fabric from Ikea. It won't come in contact with the food, so I figure it's a safe enough choice.

Florence plaid by Denyse Schmidt

Both plaids are from Denyse Schmidt's Florence collection.  Since Freespirit kindly sent me remnants of their fabric on hand, I'll be sharing these goodies with the ladies in my sewing group.  Looking forward to seeing what they make!

Florence is available at these great fabric shops:

Sew Modern
Intrepid Thread
Pink Chalk Fabrics
Fat Quarter Shop
Knotted Thread
Lark Cottons
and in Canada at Fabric Spot


  1. Nice to see these covers can be made for the 9x13 dish...wouldn't have even thought of that.

  2. That's a clever idea for a sewing group project. I always struggle with wanting to take certain dishes to carry in meals but those are the ones that I don't have covers for. Well, not yet... I'm off to look at the tutorial. Thanks!

  3. Nice! I might have to make up a couple of those myself as I've never gotten around to purchasing any handy covers.

    Lucky you! I love the Florence plaids.

  4. A great idea ....thank you for sharing.


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