Tuesday, September 24, 2013

sick Day

Uh oh, a most unwelcome guest has appeared.  Mr. Cold (or is it Mr. Flu?) has invaded the house.  Darn, must the lovely fall weather bring him as well?

Eclectic Elements by Holtz

So while I'd love to be cutting fabrics for my new quilt and working in these gray-ish brown Eclectic Elements...

in progress

And while I'm itching to add more triangles to this design, not to mention to rearrange them and arrange them and rearrange them yet again...


Today I'm mostly here, hiding my face from the sunshine to sneak in a nap or two.  I hope our visitor leaves posthaste and doesn't darken your door anytime soon!

p.s. a million thanks again, do. Good girls, for this treasure of a quilt.  It's the first I pull out every season.  I never tire of exploring it's fabrics, especially on couch-bound days.


  1. Feel better soon! Those triangles look great!

  2. Get well soon ! This "treasure of a quilt" is just soo awesome.

  3. Hope you start to feel better soon - I would love to be able to pull that quilt out when I needed it.

  4. boo! we all got the crud a few weeks ago when ingrid started preschool. no fun at all. hope you feel better soon and can get back to all that fabulous sewing!

  5. I'm right there with you. Ugh to sore throat and stuffy nose.

  6. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well ~ I've got it too. Hope we're both in the pink soon!

  7. I'm with ya sister. Mr. cold is visiting me as well and I really would rather he pack up his kit and take a hike! Feel better soon.

  8. get well soon
    the triangles make me think of the chicopee charm pack that's waiting for me to cut them into triangles and make something beautiful out of it... sigh


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