Thursday, September 19, 2013


Menagerie fabric by Sarah Watson

Last night I made a pillowcase.  Just up and decided to make a pillowcase.  Useful, quick and appreciated!  How nice it is to start and finish a project in one night!!

Woodland in Oak

I followed Ashley's tutorial for my construction approach, changing the dimensions to fit my son's small child-size pillow.  The trim is just the right touch of "special" while keeping things simple.

 Indian Summer pillowcase

I've had some small fat quarters of Indian Summer by Sarah Watson biding their time all summer.  This Menagerie print is by far my favorite.   Seems to be getting hard to find, but I found it today at FabricBubb.  I had to use three different prints for this project since there wasn't enough to go around, but I quite like that Woodland print with the Menagerie.  Teepees and animals - so cool!

Indian Summer fabrics

The back is another Indian Summer print.  Happily all these colors play real well with the Alphabet Soup quilt I made for Liam over two years ago.

Liam's new pillowcase

Of course, he likes it!  Kids are so sweet.  Definitely a satisfying and blessedly simple sew.  Mmm... I needed that! 

Fabrics:  Indian Summer by Sarah Watson can still be found at Sew Modern, Fat Quarter Shop, Intrepid Thread and Fabric Bubb, and in Canada at Mad About Patchwork!


  1. There is definitely something to be said for the completion of a sewing project in one night - bliss :) Your son looks very happy with his pillow too - double bliss!

  2. Your son looks so pleased with the pillow case! Hope he had sweet dreams!

  3. Cute pillowcase. Your son is adorable leaning on his new pillowcase.

  4. I love all the fabrics in that pillowcase. I especially love the Menagerie fabric!

  5. perfect for your son! I like the reversibility factor - it adds to the fun.

  6. Thanks for the inspiration and link to the tutorial. I sewed a dinosaur pillowcase up for my son last night and came out great! I'm a beginner and found the tutorial so helpful and easy to follow. :)

  7. I love all the faces on the pillowcase! This turned out great!

  8. So glad your son likes the pillowcase. The last items I sewed for my daughter weren't that loved... Of course she said she wanted them when seeing them in the sewing book. But when mommy finally had the time to sew these up... *sigh*


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