Monday, September 23, 2013

good things

Life whizzes past like a comet.  Only with decided effort can we catch a glimpse of its splendor in real time.  But even if we miss the fulness of each moment, happy days tend to leave behind a trail of good things.

Scrapbuster blocks

good things -  collaborative quilts

*a finished set of blocks, for a surprise collaborative quilt.  Made these with Little Miss Shabby's Scrapbuster tutorial.  I'd been wanting an excuse to make these blocks for awhile.  Used lots of fabric crumbs!

good things -  pressed seams

*enjoying my new (old) iron.  Did you spot it in the last picture?  Now I have steam again and happy seams!  This is the same Panasonic iron I had used for a couple years that died earlier this year. After trying others, I just wanted another of the same exact one!

 good things -  new fabric

*fabric mail arrived last week.  Not technically a birthday purchase, because this is my job and I actually needed more fabric.  So lucky, I know.

good things -  fabric pull

*and a big, fat fabric pull for a new quilt!  I'll be making this one to gift to a dear friend.  Purposeful and practical and entirely my pleasure!

I'll show you more later this week of the fabrics and the new quilt.  But while I don't have pictures, I am also thinking about the good friends I find in my life these days.  Friends to come over just to pet goats and pick goldenrod.  Friends to pull together for new homeschool co ops.  Friends to help me see the way when decisions are hard.  Friends to laugh with, bake with, sew with, eat chocolate with.  Friends who even love me enough to stretch my faith.

Thank God for so many good things.


  1. Excellent way to celebrate everything good that comes your way. I am LOVING your fabric pull for your gift quilt, the palette is wonderful...pinning now.

  2. Love the colors for you friend's quilt. And your stash buster blocks are superb. Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

  3. I love to hear about friends, and how much you appreciate yours. Mine all live so far away and i miss them so. Cherish your time together.

  4. Love it everything you do. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love the scrap buster block ~ it's so sweet! And all that fabric for the new quilt ~ it's fab!

  6. I love those blocks. Those tiny fabric squares are so lovely and cheerful. I could easily imagine them in a quilt. Lovely.

    Friends are such a gift, aren't they? I have several dear friends whom I love and wish I could see more often. You are so lucky to have treasured friends nearby. They sound wonderful. xoxo

  7. Good friends are one of the best things in life.

  8. I'm working my way through my feedly feed - there's lots to read and I feel behind schedule at everything in this moment. But, I have to comment - I wish I lived closer and could come pet your goats. Ever since seeing them at the NC Stat Fair, I dream of having some at our next stop in life. I've even acquiesced and told my husband he can have chickens if I can have a goat!


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