Wednesday, August 28, 2013

my "colour" story

If I had a color muse, it would be miss Emma Lamb!  I so enjoy the color stories and inspirational mosaics she's often sharing in her bloggy space.  In fact, do you remember it was her Jade + Peach post that inspired the colors for my Jade Princess quilt

Emma and I have worked together before and definitely share color-love.  But, ironically, she and I seem to often fall back on opposite color instincts.  Emma specializes in subtle, dreamy color schemes while mine tend towards saturated, packed with contrasting high-energy color.  That might be why I so love following her blog, though.  Seeing color through a different lens is energizing!  And I do enjoy experimenting with all color modes in my own work.

Today I am super-honored to be guest posting on Emma's blog.  I'm sharing my personal story as part of her monthly colour stories series.  So, if you'd like to step inside my brain a bit, come along for a little chat.




  1. Just found your blog via Emma Lamb. Such beautiful things - I particularly love the triangles quilt, such fantastic use of pattern and colour.

  2. Loved your story on Emma's blog and the way you speak about colors! Just like you I love all colors fearlessly and your words are so true: they make your heart sing!!

  3. Enjoyed your post on Emma's blog. I too love color and enjoy all the different ways people use color to express themselves.

  4. A lovely post from you on Emma's blog - gorgeous photos as usual. I love your use of colour.


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