Monday, August 26, 2013

{MINI} wide open pouch

Have you seen Anna Graham's handy Wide Open Pouch tutorial?  Here's the original tutorial and another post for making larger sizes.  I've had it on my "someday" list, planning to adjust the pattern for my needs. 

See, at one point I got a set of colorful zippers from Zipit, an Etsy zipper super store.  A bunch of those zips are 5", which turns out to be a cute, but rarely-used size.  I figured Anna's wide-open pouch style, with the exterior zipper, could make my 5" zips wide enough for a useful mini pouch.  So, with Anna's permission, I got busy.

{mini} Wide Open Pouch

It worked!  I made three, one with a tiny pieced front as a part of the Penny Sampler class, and the other two for Aria and Liam.  It's not too early to start squirrling away Christmas gifts, right?

mini pouches for Aria & Liam

Liam has a soft spot for those Ann Kelle owls, because they're part of his Alphabet Soup quilt.  And, I combined Heather Ross mice (look what's in her bike basket!) with Aria's favorite Briar Rose fabric...

3" x 2" base

the pink strawberries.  I'll put something fun inside and tuck these into their stockings!  Kids can always appreciate little pouches for their treasures.

Anne Kelle owls

If you'd like to make a MINI wide open pouch, follow Anna's tutorial with these simple changes:
  • Cut 2 exterior, 2 lining:  6" wide, 4.75" tall
  • Zipper size:  5-6"
  • Box corner:  2"
  • Finished size:  pouch base is 2" x 3" and height is 3" tall.
Heather Ross berries & mice

The 5" zipper is just barely long enough, so a 6" zipper will also do nicely.  Have fun!  And thanks, Anna, for the wide open pouch!

Countrymice in cream by Heather Ross (here in pink)
Strawberries in pink by Heather Ross
Chicopee Simple Plaid by Denyse Schmidt
Bermuda Owls by Ann Kelle
Metro Circles in chartreuse from Robert Kaufman
Heath in Chocolate from Alexander Henry


  1. I have a bunch of those 5" zippers from zip it too; totaly gonna make these. Thanks Rachel!

  2. I love this wide mouth pouch I did this pattern for a friend in my guild and have been itching to do another but i had either huge or tiny zippers so I hadn't at this point but think I just may now.

  3. These are GREAT. I'm dying over those mice n berries (have them both!), but what really catches my eye are things I would NEVER DO, but which are, in fact, so perfect . . . like the Metro Circles and brown Heath. Wonderful!

    P.S. Even though I failed curves class, I managed to remember tips and hints; and after some practice, I just finished a mini Drunkard's Path quilt with no pins! (Except on the straight edges.) Thanks.

    1. Thanks, Jenny! I'd say you can't call it a "fail" if you're sewing curves now with no pins =) A great big congratulations to you!

  4. zipper pouches are on my list for my kid's Christmas stocking :) thank you!

  5. And I was just telling my little one who is starting kindergarten next week that she'd need a little coin purse for her milk money - this would be perfect! Thank you! :)

  6. These are adorable. I think it's so fun that kids get attached to fabrics in their quilts, my kids do the same :)

  7. oh my goodness - those are adorable!!!!

  8. oh my goodness - those are adorable!!!!

  9. I've made a bunch of the wide open bags ~ yours are so sweet and love the big tag on the end of the zipper. Great idea for a stocking stuffer!

  10. Super cute. Never made thes type bags before

  11. I've made a bunch of these pouches, and now, I need to make the mini! Thanks for sharing your idea, Rachel!

  12. Adorable. Where do you buy your zips? Those don't look like boring Joann Fabric specials.


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