Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jade Princess

Want to know something crazy?  I'm going away this weekend!  Yup, it's the weekend before registration and I'm running off with some girlfriends for some much-need R&R.  I knew it'd be a stretch, but I hope I can pull it off. 

Dogwood quilt project

Ok, so looking at my (still lengthy) To Do list as the sun goes down today, this is the last thing I needed to sew before leaving.  Ta da!

love those Comma periods! 

Jade Princess is a twin sized quilt graced with 20 dogwood blossom machine appliqued blocks.  Each shapely flower is sketch stitched appliqued, which creates a very serious bond that's certainly machine-washable.  To finish, I quilted around each dogwood free-motion

Aurifil 12 wt stitches - Love!

and then straight-lined quilted rows of chunky Aurifil 12 wt thread along the sashing.  A large stitch length and that thick thread are such a beautiful combination! 

peaches n'cream

I adore the Kona Peach with Comma Chalk Periods, so I settled on using the two for the sashing and block backgrounds to really play up that mood.  It's a bit of a peaches and cream classic, gone modern with mustard yellow and the bold jade.

 Jade Princess twin quilt

This color scheme was an energizing challenge for me.  I fooled around with having two jade blocks, one darker and one lighter, but found that I preferred just the one stand-out block.  That decision made, I used the positioning of the bright yellow dogwoods to balance the bright jade Swiss Chard Pearl Bracelet.  For me the placement of each block is just so.  Love that feeling!

room and photo by Fjeldborg

Here's another look at my inspiration image so you can see where I was coming from.  The image is white-heavy, whereas my quilt is more peach-heavy.  But overall I feel like I captured what I set out to find.  Quilting from images is very grounding, creating helpful boundaries and ongoing inspiration.  I'm sure I'll do it again!  If you're digging this color scheme, Fresh Modern Fabric still has a few Jade Princess bundles up for grabs.

Kona Ash, Iron and Med. Gray

I hadn't made advance plans for my backing (as usual), but I did something a little more intentional than my usual throw-whatever-together.  I used large cuts of Kona Ash, Kona Iron and Kona Medium Grey and then filled the last quadrant with leftover quilt top scraps.


And - bonus! - the solid backing allows the dogwood free motion quilting to show nicely.

Dogwood blossom blocks

The Dogwood Blossoms quilt pattern is included with the Penny Sampler class as a stand-alone practice project for our machine applique theme.  So, this is actually one of the first projects served up!  For each theme, I've created 2 practice projects.  These stand-alone projects are optional creative outlets and/or opportunities to practice the skills before sewing your sampler.  Of the two projects, one is relatively quick and one is an actual quilt (so, um, not that quick!).   If you choose to make the practice quilt, expect to work on it throughout the month as you also work on your Penny Sampler blocks.  Or, you could choose to set aside the practice quilt after you've had enough practice with the skill set, to pick up again after class is over or when your schedule frees up!

I haven't revealed the quick practice projects publicly, as I like to save some surprises for my students.  But, you have seen the Precise Piecing practice quilt:

Pixie Churns for the Penny Sampler class

And the Machine Paper Piecing practice quilt:

Pantry Shelf project

And that concludes my Penny Sampler previews!  On Monday I'll be back at it with the 9 am registration post, including the reveal of the Penny Sampler quilt itself.  (finally... I know!)

Jade Princess finished!

But first, we have a little voting to do tomorrow.  Last call on Clashy Bright mosaics!!


  1. What a lovely, lovely quilt! Ah, the softness of the colour scheme, with just a little zinger thrown in for good measure. I love the feel of it!

  2. This is a totally awesome quilt. You have posted some really great previews this week! I am super good at the quick Paypal go-live buy-quick stuff (I buy yarn!) and I'm thinking I may need that skill come Monday. :)

  3. you captured the feeling of your inspiration picture beautifully! love the FMQ around the dogwoods!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  4. I think you captured your inspiration picture perfectly! I really love the tiny polka dot print behind each blossom and the sketch stitching looks so lovely. Well done!

    Have fun this weekend! xoxo

  5. Rachel,
    your work is beautiful and should reflect your heart ....
    The quiltings are loving ....
    Congratulations on such beautiful work ...

    hugs Maria Filomena

    os seus trabalho são lindos e devem refletir o seu coração....
    Os quiltings são amorosos....
    Parabéns por tão lindos trabalhos...

    abraços de Maria Filomena

  6. So sweet! What is "sketch stitch applique"? I looked closely, but not sure!

    Have a blessed weekend with friends,

    1. I'm referring to appliqueing with a visible stitch that is deliberately slightly "messy". I've seen this done in books and online and referred to as sketch stitching. It has a casual, modern look that really appeals to me! So, in this case the black line that goes around the outside bit of each petal is the sketch stitch applique.

  7. This is so pretty! I have tried to sketch stitch applique a couple times and my machine did not like it at all so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

  8. I love the Dogwood quilt. I was tempted after handstitched to do a whole quilt in the reverse applique dogwood but came to my senses.

    Have to remember to set my alarm for Monday morning!

  9. I have been wanting to make another Churn dash (have a small wall hanging). I love the bright backgrounds with neutral churns ( or are they dashes). Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. I love how the color palette can totally change the way that a quilt looks. The difference between the Dogwood Quilt and the Pixie Churns is really striking. They are all beautiful!

  11. Really beautiful. Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend. Enjoy.

  12. I like the flowers of the dogwood quilt and I really like the pixie churns quilt 'though the churn dash block isn't one I would prefer to other. But it's a fun quilt with a fun layout and I really enjoy looking at it.
    Too bad I don't have the money currently to participate in your class but as I'm a fan of Sweden and many things scandinavian I'd love to participate. Maybe someday if you relaunch this class...

  13. Absolutely love this quilt! Totally original, upbeat, and feminine.

  14. I love this quilt. It looks a lot like the one that Quilty put on Facebook as a possibility for the cover. Is it the same pattern?

    1. Wow, no it is not the same pattern - or at least that pattern is not mine. They look very similar! I had not seen that quilt before. Great minds think alike I guess!

  15. Have a wonderful weekend! What a beautiful quilt. x

  16. Have a wonderful weekend! What a beautiful quilt. x


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