Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I fell for...

Obviously, I fell for Anna Maria.  All it took was the 5" charm square of Field Study linen that Ruth sent along with one of my orders.  Anna's enticing linen.  It seems both more sturdy (less shifty) and more supple than other unwashed linen, though it hardly seems those two could go together.

I fell for Anna Maria

I couldn't get these Pressed Field prints out of my mind.  And the Social Climber in gold... really I should have ordered more than a measly half yard.

Citrus inspired?

I fell for Clashy Bright.  For about a week I've been weighing the calm prettiness of a citrus-inspired fabric mix against the vibrancy of a wider palette.

Clashy bright?

But I challenge most anyone to surf through umpteen Clashy Bright mosaics and not come away feeling a little footloose and fancy free.  And also, after carefully cultivating a serene Scandinavian vibe in my Penny Sampler, I am primed to delight in the fabric equivalent of a beach vacation.

foolin around with triangle scraps

I fell for scrappy triangles.  Turns out I have enough white, cream or low-volume miniscule scrap triangles to fool around with.  I'm set to churn out a baby quilt without any fabric waste.  Those demanding little suckers and their pointy little ways will come to a most fitting end... I hope.  It will certainly be wonky (hmm... I fell for that too).

Yes, I fell for it all.


  1. Love all the bright colors. It is going to be a cute baby quilt.

  2. Ooooh, it's going to be lovely! I'm in agreement with you regarding all if those mosaics. They really do inspire new projects and daring fabric choices.

  3. Oh Rachel - yummy, yummy, yummy!! No wonder you fell, and fell hard!!

  4. Well, isn't that going to be a super fun quilt?!

  5. such brilliant choices, thanks for the views


  6. I've been eyeing off Social Climber as well - the gold is really evocative to me and makes me want to create something amazing. I note you wrote 'measly half yard,' and it made me think, 'so a yard and a half probably...' so I suspect I may fall for it too!


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