Friday, July 5, 2013

Field Day

Remember this?

our little Betsy

Our little Betsy Ross finished her flag quilt weeks ago.  I know I've been remiss to share it with you, so I grabbed at the chance yesterday!

Independence Day, 2013

This Independence Day we gathered for a very special play group, a bittersweet send off for some very dear friends who are moving away.  We moved our weekly play group to July 4th and put on a "Field Day" inspired by this book.  Nothing like a little good ole' fashioned competition on the classic American holiday, right?

achievement tickets

Actually, we're softies.  In every event each child could "win" a little something depending on their level of achievement.  We handed out achievement tags that awarded the kids different toppings for ice cream sundaes at day's end... or an extra 1/2 scoop.

ball throw

First, the ball throw.  What we lack in form we make up in intensity. 

long jump

Long jump.

high jump

High jump.  Check out my little ninja clearing the highest bar by a mile.  Next year we'll have to go higher.

egg on spoon

Egg on the spoon.  Because careful matters too.  They had to weave around those jugs and step over the bar to complete the course.


And a race to finish.  Raindrops started falling as the kids raced around the old garden to the finish line, amidst cheers and flashing cameras and full hearts.

Field Day sudaes!

By the time we got indoors for those sundaes, it was pouring buckets.  That's the south!  Such a sweet time.  One we'll always remember.

It's so hard to say "goodbye" isn't it?  Seven years of friendship, babies, books and a bit of bliss.  Saying goodbye is a like a little death, but also death denied. 

“The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye, the story of love is hello and goodbye...until we meet again” ― Jimi Hendrix


  1. That sounds like a fabulous memory to hold on to.

  2. Sounds like a fun day! Your little Betsy Ross made a beautiful quilt!

  3. She did a lovely job. She looks so proud of herself.

    Good for her!!!!

  4. Honestly, that quilt blows me away...and the book will be given to my daughter for her birthday next week on her birthday. Aria, it's lovely and I look forward to seeing your future projects.

    The field day looked like so much fun! I love the simplicity of the day that I'm sure was just as fun as any perfect Pinterest pin with all the bells and whistles. I will send up some prayers for you and your friends as you adjust to their move.

  5. This looks like everyone had so much fun :)

  6. Love the peek at the patchwork curtains. Beautiful flag quilt.

  7. Rachel, your photos are wonderful! What precious memories. Thinking of you as you grieve your friends. And Aria's quilt is so pretty, such a lovely, gentle take on the flag.

  8. Such a fun day! Makes me miss the days when my son was small ;o)

    When I was growing up we were always the family that was moving. When I became an adult I became the one left behind when good friends move. It's an adjustment on both sides. Praying you and your friends will continue to stay in touch and also make new friends to share life with.

  9. What a fun activity for the kids, and I love the idea of ice cream topping rewards! Good clean fun, simple and active. Thanks for thd idea!

  10. we had the same weather craziness on the 4th! i'm in NC, still drying off. i love your idea of having friends over for a field day. and winning extra ice cream and toppings?!? i'm sure they had a wonderful time.

    oh yeah, and the reason i first clicked over here from feedly - that quilt flag is fantastic! high fives to your little seamstress!


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