Monday, July 1, 2013

Fabric Spot Scrap Challenge Victories!

Scrap Challenge for Canadians!Happy Monday to all!  And Happy Canada Day too!  How lucky are we that our Canadian edition of Scrap Challenge landed on Canada Day. 

Today I get to have some fun showing off the creations made by our Fabric Spot Scrap Challengers.  These girls didn't mess around!  The original challenge prompted each to work with the 8 fabrics included in Fabric Spots's Summer Lovin' Scrap Bundle.   They could add one other fabric and trims as desired and they had a little over a week for the making.

First up, Patti at Retired to Quilt bravely made her first go at improv piecing!  She used a tutorial at 13 Spools to get in the groove.  Good news for would-be improv piecers, Patti reports, "Loved doing this, and it was really easy!"  Congrats, Patti!

I'm completely smitten by Michele's make for our challenge.  She whipped up this dresden-based lily bowl and lily plate, a patchwork-perfect pair for holding all sorts of doodads, from keys and spare change to thread and trimmings at the sewing table.  Head over to Michele Made Me to learn how to make your own.  Thanks so much, Michele!!

Laura of Waffle Kisses made good on her promise to create a tea-themed collection for her little girls!  She used different fabrics to create adorable individual tea bags and also a tea-themed mug rug and pretty bunting.  How festive! Her little ones are eager to get their mits on the little tea bags now that photos are done!

And to round out our very diverse collection of pretty scrap challenge projects, miss Carla crafted a beautiful purse!  These fabrics look so pretty with the light gray linen blend she added.  Carla certainly knows her way around purses and wallets.  Visit her blog, My 1/2 Dozen Daily, to see all the beautiful and practical details!  Pssst.... she takes custom orders too!

A great big thanks to all challengers for inspiring us with your creativity!  It's incredible to see all that can be done with a handful of scraps.

Fabric Spot Summer Lovin'

And, of course, thanks to Fabric Spot for composing the scrap bundle and sharing it with us!  If you haven't had a chance to, you can still grab a Summer Lovin' Bundle of fat eighths for $10 at Fabric Spot.

Look out for another scrap challenge in a few months.  Meanwhile, I do believe there's another game going on today at Ali's blog...  Hint:  Mine has a certain signature flourish.


  1. beautiful makes, love how each one is so very different, yet beautiful at the same time. Job very well done, ladies.

  2. Thanks Rachel! This was a really fun challenge and I loved seeing what the other participants made!

  3. What a great group to be a part of! Thanks so much to you both Karen and Rachel for this cool and summery challenge!

  4. Awesome! Thanks so much for the linkback :) Now, if I could ever win a stack :)

  5. Wow, these are all so beautiful! I love how different they are!
    And I'm pretty sure I picked your bundle straight away! ;)

  6. Fantastic projects, clicking over to see that purse right now!

  7. Lovely scrap projects! I love those little waterlily thread-catcher bowls. I've not seen anything quite like them.


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