Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Clashy Bright Winners!

Guess who are our winners for the Clashy Bright Mosaic contestThe people have spoken.  Here they are....

Sara of Knottygnome

Clashy Brights
Celebrate Color #1
Congratulations!  I'll be emailing you both so that we can send a set of your clashy bright favorites right over through the mail.

I think it's funny that those two mosaics have 3 of the exact same prints!  One of the repeats was Carnaby Street in fuschia.  I love the movement in that Carnaby Street print and all the great colors in comes in.  Definitely a useful fabric.

Also, ironically, neither of our winners included Carnaby Street in Go-Go London, which was a print I saw showing up over and over again in all your mosaics.  It's such a great choice for Clashy Bright!  The colors certainly collide, clamor and crash.  So, props to all who snagged this great print!

Tammy has set up our winning bundles at Marmalade Fabrics for easy pickings in fat quarters.  If your stash needs a pick-me-up, hop to it!

Thanks to all, and to Marmalade Fabrics especially, for another fun contest!


  1. Congratulations to both winners! Both mosaics are awesome!

  2. Great job, winners! That was a lot of fun.


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