Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weener, weener

Hey, hey Laura C!  You're the Weener again!  Yessiree, Laura of Little and Lots is our grand prize winner at the Festival of Strings!

Her Roy g. Zig quilt pulled ahead to first place just in the nick of time.  And, ya know, this rhino looks good.   Quite deserving of a blue ribbon!  I'm a little tickled too, since she was inspired by my Ziggy Strings tutorial.   Yay for useful tutorials!

Congratulations, Laura!  The Warm Company will be shipping you a Mighty Big Roll of Batting.  Enjoy, enjoy!

And since I know we're all a little jealous of Laura's batting wealth, here's a picture of the gal herself.  See how nice she looks?  There, that helps right?

Really, we're happy for you Laura.  Quilt on!

Now, I have to say, the voting was neck and neck with just 27 votes out of 905 separating first and second place.  So Tina's Emerald Selvedge Quilt, our runner up, definitely merits an honorable mention.  Happily ALL of our finalists win batting, their choice of Warm and Natural or Warm and White.  And, did you know that was The Warm Company's idea - to offer small prizes too?  How generous is that?

I'll be in touch now with all finalists and the weener by email.  Thanks again for everyone who made this year's Scrap Attack Quilt Along and Festival of Strings possible, from inspirational quilters to sponsors to each individual quilter who joined in.  It's been an absolute pleasure!

and to everyone, actually.... Quilt on!


  1. COngrats to the weener, weener! :)

  2. Thank YOU for organising it all! It was such fun to enter, and to look at all the pretty quilts!

  3. Nice. Love those big rolls of batting.

  4. Congratulations to Laura! Her quilt is gorgeous and definitely worthy of such an awesome grand prize!

  5. Beautiful quilt. Well done Laura.


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