Friday, June 14, 2013

on Stashing

Hey folks!  Thanks soooo much for celebrating with me on those curtains!  It's awesome when things fall into place so nicely, despite nerves and delays and such.  But I know I wouldn't be creating like this if it wasn't for all the great feedback and encouragement I get here.  I'm so grateful you're along for the ride.  Thanks a million!

stashings from Fresh Modern

Today I'm petting (and eventually putting away) this new stashing from my sponsor, Fresh Modern Fabrics on Etsy.  Alice is the woman behind the shop.  She takes fantabulous pictures, really inspiring and helpful stuff that pretty much transcends (for me) the need to shop in person.  She and I both seem to have a thing of helpful fabrics, so I'm often buying basics for my stash at Fresh Modern. 

helpful fabrics!

This time I focused on gray fabrics.  I often shop with a color in mind after noticing a shortage in my stash.  Gotta keep all the hues in stock, kind of like paints or pastels, right?

Actually, Alie of Alie Makes just interviewed me about stashing habits.  if you'd like to hear a bit about what makes me tick, sewing-wise, how I choose fabrics and what I'd recommend to someone working on building a stash, run along and see the post.  Here's a little teaser...

-When did you first start sewing and quilting? Were there any influences as to why you started?

I started sewing in 2009, when I dusted off the boxes that had long stored my childhood collection of My Little Ponies, sold them and used the money to buy my first sewing machine and my first fabrics.  I still remember that grand purchase.  It was a huge lot of glorious fabric from Sew Love Fabrics, including an almost-complete set of Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks collection.  In fact, I think Anna deserves a lot of credit for enticing me to take the leap!  I was also drawn in by bloggers and sewing books that painted such colorful possibilities.  About six months into "drip, drip" sewing I made my first quilt.  Since then it's been a rush, a river of making.

For the rest of the interview, click on over!  Thanks for having me, Alie.  I always welcome a chance to ramble on about fabric...


  1. I just opened a big, fat envie of stash fabrics as well! I bought a bunch of blacks, whites, creams this time!! :) YUM! Along with some organic Cloud 9... who can resist that!?

  2. I really do need to start buying more stash builders. I am pulled by the lure of fabulous prints. Anna Maria, Pat Bravo, etc. which make gorgeous fabrics, just not really "stash builders" even though they are more than half my stash...

    1. Yes, the multi-colored prints are so pretty, so inspiring... but can kind of leave you frustrated when it comes to creating your own eclectic mix of fabrics!

  3. Thank you for mentioning my interview! It really means a lot! I have to say, I love all those grey fabrics as well... you're making me buy fabric :)

  4. I wish I could have a real stash. I have a lot of custom orders, and well, quite frankly, they require WEIRD fabrics. I do try to overbuy, so that I can build a decent stash, but it's a really crappy stash. sigh----SOMEday.... great post. Thank You.

  5. I enjoyed reading your interview Rachel. Particularly the part about the sponsors, since that is something that I have been thinking about lately. I just added a sponsor and had mixed feelings about it. But I actually thought of you when I decided to accept because I think that the way you handle your sponsors is very creative and natural and I think it enhances your blog instead of detracting. I have stopped reading several blogs in the last few months who don't do this as well.

  6. Great interview! Cause even though I've been sewing and buying fabric for a year, I always buy colourful fun fabrics which never seem to go with anything, I have to learn to be more selective haha

  7. Your term 'helpful prints' has stuck with me since you first used it. Especially since quilting more and using scraps from my pinafores. They haven't been all that helpful! When I go back to buying fabric again, my choices will be SO different!

  8. Oh I have a box of "vintage" my little ponies too, I've been saving them in case I have a little girl, but I guess in a few years if I don't, I'll be selling mine as well.....

  9. I just bought grey too! I bought what I thought were all the greys, but yours are all different from mine. I think designers are careful to include good grey basics in their lines now, more than they used to be. I find it very useful to see what you are choosing, thank you!


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