Friday, May 31, 2013

VOTE Festival of Strings

I knew I'd get myself into a pickle when it came time to choose finalists for our Festival of Strings.  Several were sooooo close.  At least I only had to narrow it down to 5 and you all will take it from there!  Here are the 5 finalists whose stringy concoctions absolutely captured my heart, in no particular order...

Emerald Selvedge Spiderweb Quilt

I love that this beauty by Tina of Seaside Stitches uses a fresh green Kona Fern for the background.  The green creates such a rich look with all those low value selvedges!  This one is beautifully bordered with tiny selvedge stripes and artfuly quilted as well.  Visit Seaside Stitches for more pictures!

Roy G. Zig String Top

Laura at Little and Lots certainly got my attention with this rainbow-colored work of art! She used my Ziggy Strings tutorial, but placed her blocks in a totally creative way, creating a smattering of color with lots of movement.  I love how the quilt looks here from the side, but you'll also want to see it on the Rhino.  Yes, don't miss that!

Moving On Quilt

The story behind this lovely, low-volume quilt is touching, but the quilt itself is stunning too.  Jodi at Tickle and Hide freed herself to work in unplanned ways, merging blocks of many sizes and color moods.  The end composition feels so balanced.  Visit Tickle and Hide to get the full perspective. 

Scrappy Strips Quilt

Not at all low-volume, completely fun, fun, fun!  This is the type of scrappy strip quilt I hope to make someday.  The miss-mash colors and random bits of piecing are completely charming. Created by Needle and Nest using Jolene's tutorial

Solid Strings Top

Talk about unexpected... I didn't see this one coming!  This year we didn't require folks to use scraps, just long thin "strings" of fabric.  Astrid of Red, Red, Red Completely Red was inspired by a Dr. Seuss book to create this fantastic piece.  Can you guess which book?  Did you find the page?  We did!  Visit Astrid for more inspiring details.

Congratulations to each of our 5 finalists!  Thank-you for sharing your creativity with us all.  Now, readers, can you help us out by submitting your vote?  Voting is open through midnight Eastern time on Monday the 3rd.  I know it's going to be tough...


  1. OMGosh, 3 of these are neck in neck after I voted! Loved seeing ALL of the quilts. I wanted to add mine but it is a surprise for my DD's 49th BD and she doesn't know anything about it yet!

  2. So many wonderful entries! I know I'll be making more of these eventually myself.:)

  3. Eek!! Tough choice, but I voted! :)

  4. Thanks so much for a place in the finals! What amazing scrappy quilts -- the colours in Jodi's are so beautifully peaceful.

  5. I think "tickled" is the word here. :) I so appreciate your tutorial, and being included in the finals! I think the quality of the submissions this time around was STELLAR. Thanks again, a million, for hosting, Rachel.

  6. Voting was really hard to do!

  7. Oh my goodness, I can hardly believe that my little quilt is a finalist! Thank you Rachel for putting together this wonderful festival, and for including my quilt in the top five. I am completely honored to be included alongside such AMAZING quilts.

  8. The quelity of this quilts is unreal!, well done all of you and good luck!

  9. This is so exciting! Thanks, Rachel!

  10. They are all lovely! I'm glad I didn't have to narrow them down to five! Whew! Picking one from five was difficult enough! Toni

  11. no voting for me as none of them is exciting me. I like bits and pieces of many of them but have no favourite.


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