Tuesday, May 21, 2013

know what i love?

how every day is a chance to start fresh!  I am so enjoying today, the long silent moments, the opportunity for working rest, the pretty bits of fabric brightening up my table.

happy fabricy bits

See there?  What first, you say?  Mmm... let's talk about that stack of Anna Maria Horner voile trimmings.  I've cut up all my voile for dining room curtains, which created a tempting little pile of slinky voile remnants.   Hmm... what to do with glowing bits and bobs of voile?

Meanwhile, I'm working away on The Penny Sampler.  I you think those Comma periods served handily!  I wanted understated centers for these petite square blocks, which are just meant to be little embellishments tucked here and there in finished quilt.

Oh, and quite to my surprise... yesterday a package of Sarah Watson Indian Summer arrived on my doorstep.  I vaguely remember sharing my address with Sarah months and months ago.  I don't often receive fabric gifts, so yesterday was such perfect timing.  I've actually been hankering after this collection.  Love that Menagerie print and the Basket prints especially.  I want to make a pillowcase for Liam!

a zippy for a Camper

Look, I just finished something!  It's a zippy pouch for a Camper who'll use it to store her hand piecing on the go.   I referenced this zipper tabs tutorial, since I don't make pouches often enough to have internalized the flow.  For this side I used scraps from my Sparklers quilt...

raindrops & poppies

and for this side, I went with a favorite Field Study print.  Did my quilting on this side in little x's over the raindrops.  Too fun!

lined in Eclectic Elements

Lined it with a medium gray text print from Tim Holtz' Eclectic Elements, which is a new fabric line by Coats brand premiering now at fabric market.  A sneak preview was sent to me by the folks at Westminster.  Yes, sometimes, I get crazy lucky.

Eclectic Elements by Tim Holtz

But, anyway, it has an very earthy, rough vibe with some interesting text prints.  It seems text prints are not going to be hard to find anymore.  Everyone is doing it now.  Which is fine with me.  I still like them!

But, you know what I love most of all?  I love all the kind, encouraging comments you're sending about yesterday's post.  Thank-you for celebrating with me!  It means a lot that I can be real and messy around here and even so you're still willing to listen.  Thanks!

p.s. this post is a wee shout out to my friend Ara Jane, a sweet friend who blogs at "you know what i love?".  Thanks for reminding us, Ara Jane, to share the things that we love!


  1. Love that new Eclectic Elements. I can't wait for it to come out.

  2. Rachel I just know your camper will love the zippy pouch...I can't even begin to tell you how much I love the one you made me. It travels with me almost everywhere so that I always have a little hand project whenever I need to fill in a few minutes :o)

  3. ok, wow, i got to the end of your post and didn't see that coming at all! thank you for the shout-out, and thanks for reminding me, too, that i do enjoy sharing the things i love very much. and maybe i should do that more often. xo

    1. Hehe, well your blog title is so cool and such a natural post opener. Thanks for letting me borrow it today! And, wow, you haven't posted for awhile, have you? Ok, this is your little reminder =)

    2. check it now! i was actually in the middle of writing a new post when i saw yours. you must have been picking up on that from way across the country!

  4. Cute pouch - you do such lovely work. Looking forward to seeing your curtains. Love that butterfly and text fabric. Hope I can get it in New Zealand.

  5. What a difference a day makes and a good night's sleep doesn't hurt either. Great pouch and that tutorial is one I like as well.

  6. I love the zippy pouch - beautiful.


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