Friday, April 19, 2013

String Fever: Classic with a Twist

Serving up more inspiration for Scrap Attack {String Fever}!  If you're just arriving, checkout the quilt-along and join us for a festival this May!

Were you reading quilt blogs in 2010?  If so, I'm betting you were inspired by Ashley of Film in the Fridge, a talented modern quilter I still follow these days.  In 2009 she made a classic string quilt and posted a tutorial, much to everyone's glee.  She also made a few more string quilts in 2010.  Every one is a gem!  

Ashley's foundation paper method is quite the same method demonstrated in my Ziggy Strings tutorial.  In fact, you can use the Ziggy Strings tutorial to make a classic string quilt with a diamond instead of square layout!

Scrappy strips

Amy, of dot dot goose, is using Ziggy Strings with the zig-zag layout and totally scrappy colors.  Totally awesome!  Want to trade, Amy?

Scrappy Rainbow String Blocks In Progress

Ok, back to the classic string style.  I just spied this version at the Scrap Attack flickr group.  Carla of Cora Quilts is planning ahead to set out her colors in rainbow order.  How lovely!

If you tend to lean towards defined patterns and less scrappiness, here's another great option from Ashley of Film in the Fridge.  Unlike the scrappy version, the Ruby Strings layout intends for the strips to line up throughout the quilt. Ashley has a free PDF chart so you can make yours!

String Quilt Revival

I recently spied another awesome style that seems to be a twist on the spiderweb quilt (also often foundation paper pieced).  This quilt is by Rachel at Second Avenue Studio.  So creative!  I love that it still creates stars but diamonds instead of webs.


You could also make something completely wonky like this number by Dirt Road Quilts.  It's inspired by Denyse Schmidt's Any Way you Slice it quilt, from her book Denyse Schmidt Quilts, but made free-style without templates.  Sounds fun!

Well that will do it for this week's String Fever inspiration.  I am off today for a weekend backpacking with Brandon and another couple in Panther Valley, NC.  It's my first time.  Nervous?  A little. Brandon packed my bag so it weighs a mere 18 pounds.  That's love!  Wish me luck.


  1. Great inspiration. Have fun.

  2. Thanks for sharing all these. I'm off to peruse right now. :)

  3. They're all fabulous but I LOVE that last DS inspired quilt.

  4. Great ideas - love, love Katies version. Oh my.

  5. nice inspiration. I like Katies variation and the quilt of Rachel.

  6. Hi Rachel! I'm excited to get involved and I happen to have a bunch of Tula Pink Neptune strings. If you know the line, it's all blue/green/pink and all the strings I have are 1.5" so I won't have any variation of width (I do have some other Neptune in FQ that I could add if absolutely needed). Which kind of string quilt would you recommend for my on hand materials? Looking fwd to your design advice! : ) Thanks, Lily.

    1. Hmm... the first idea I really liked is a courthouse steps quilt, since you have a lot of the exact same prints. Courthouse steps looks best when all strips are the same width too. Another idea would be a coin quilt, maybe with a nice wide column in between the stacked coins.

  7. I can't believe I can say that I've been blogging since then AND remember this!


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