Tuesday, April 23, 2013

a little Vintage Tangerine

Vintage Tangerine covered journal

This morning I put the finishing touches on a little camper gift.  She has a soft spot for my Vintage Tangerine quilt, so I pulled fabric scraps from that project and did some brainstorming. 

a Camper gift!

I was very much inspired by this delightful Flickr favorite.  Back before Pinterest I often stockpiled ideas in my Flickr favorites, so these days I"m always bouncing back and forth between pin boards and Flickr to find things.  Anyone else doing that?

made for a composition book

Anyhoo, this project is all squared away - stitched, tagged and filled with a graph paper composition book, just awaiting a little inscription. It's a little Vintage Tangerine she can take home.

a little applique today

Should you like to make your own, I used folded ribbon for the stem and layers of raw edge applique secured with Steam-a-Seam Lite 2 for the leaves.  Raw edge applique is not as durable as other methods, but for an item that is likely to be rarely washed, it's nice and quick.  And, I always like how clean and simple it looks!  For more details on how to sew the journal cover itself, see my tutorial.

uh-oh, looks so at home...

Gee, look how well it matches this DIY decor book I've been enjoying...  Uh-oh, looks so at home.  Good thing I've already committed myself here!

Stashings from Pink Chalk!

If you're also a fan of the Vintage Tangerine color scheme, you can still buy my custom bundle at Sew Modern.  And, you might also be interested in these new stashings.  Quite without trying I bought practically the same mix of fabrics! What can I say, it's what I needed.

From top we have:  Glimma Kite in Mineral, Spot On in Ivory, 2wenty Thr3e Fox Trot in Pavement, Comma Swinging in Chalk, Comma Periods in Chalk and in Mustard, Sunshine Linen Stripe and Summersville Spring Bloomsbury in Aqua. 

Glimma is in stock at:  Marmalade, Fat Quarter Shop, Fresh Modern Fabric, Sew Modern, Lark Cottons, Mad About Patchwork, Intrepid Thread, Pink Chalk Fabrics, and Fabricworm.

Comma is in stock at:  Pink Chalk Fabrics, Intrepid Thread, Fabric Spot, Fabricworm, Lark Cottons, Fresh Modern Fabric, Fat Quarter Shop, and Sew Modern.

2wenty Thr3e is in stock at:  Fresh Modern Fabric, Sew Modern, Fabricworm, Intrepid Thread, Lark Cottons, Fat Quarter Shop, and Pink Chalk Fabrics.

Summerville Spring is in stock at Knotted Thread, Lark Cottons, Fabricworm, Pink Chalk Fabrics, and Sew Modern.


  1. Stunning ... perfect for jotting down ideas and inspiration for future little creations! Of course when you nonchalantly whip it out your bag, you're sure to get lotsa oohs and aahs!

  2. we've got summerville spring too :)

    I always love these journal covers -- what is that script, its stunning!

  3. Love the fabric combo. And the design makes me all nostalgic for my very first Flickr faves back in the day...

  4. Oh my goodness that is beautiful! I love how you paired the text and the stems.

  5. Love this book cover ..... so nice. Really love the colours and it looks very easy to make ... I am constantly amazed at the wonderful ideas that others come up with. You always have such nice fabrics on your blogs. Beautiful.


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