Thursday, March 28, 2013

calling International Members for do. Good Stitches!

Since summer of 2010, do. Good Stitches {a charity bee} has been making quilts for all sorts of worthy causes from disadvantaged children to seriously ill children, hospice, women's shelters, foster children, cancer patients, you name it.  It's a bee run through Flickr, connecting quilters young and old, experienced and new from all over the world, who enjoy working in a modern quilting style.  In circles of 10, each little do. Good group makes one quilt per month for their dedicated charity.

Cheer Circle of do. Good Stitches January 2013 Starburst Cross Quilt
by Cheer Circle, quilted by Claire Jane

Through the years we've had lots and lots of members come and go.  While changes can be challenging to orchestrate, I welcome that fluidity.  Many folks can't commit to sewing month after month, as life is always changing, with demands ebbing and flowing.  I love that you can join us at do. Good Stitches, stitching or quilting for several months or years and years.

FAITH Circle February quilt completed
by Faith Circle, quilted by Debbie of A Quilter's Table

But sometimes things do go awry.  We've had a few quilts that don't seem to get finished.  We've had members disappear without any warning, leaving the rest of the circle in the lurch.  It's tough, but I'm committed to not giving up.  Always just pick up the pieces, keep moving forward and know that every bit counts, even the bits that are lost.  If nothing else, they change us.  They keep us thinking of others.

do. good stitches HAVEN quilt
by Haven Circle, quilted by Sara aka KnottyGnome

And besides, I hang on to the hope that every quilt will find it's finish someday, sometime.   For anyone who finds themself in a tough spot in do. Good (or any bee, really) just reach out and ask for help.  People will help.  They will understand!  Sometimes you might need to let other hands do the last work. And, that's ok.

do. Good Stitches - Jan 2013 DREAM circle
by Dream Circle, quilted by Sacridote

The quilts in this post were finished by various do. Good Stitches circles just within the last 7 days!  How awesome is that?

Pretty awesome.

Happiness Feb quilt top
by Happiness Circle, in process with Marika of Live, Laugh, Love... Sew

So, all this is on my mind because this week a change is coming for many international members of do. Good Stitches.  With postage increases everyone is feeling sensitive about mailing packages overseas.  We have members from different continents sharing the same circle.  And that's exciting, but possibly a bit impractical.

by Inspire Circle, quilted by Kelly aka ScrapStudio

When a long-time member of do. Good Stitches contacted me this week to share an idea on her heart - to start a Dutch circle - I realized it was probably time to take a step back and evaluate.  I talked to another long-time member from the UK, who shared she'd been wanting to start a UK circle as well.  At the moment, I'm juggling a lot of moving pieces to attempt to puzzle together purely local circles in Australia, Netherlands/Western Europe, the UK and Canada.  Each change is sensitive, as I don't want to force anyone to leave a circle of friends, but so far everyone feels drawn to going local.  Sometimes practical wins out!

flower applipue and EPP for Cherish circle
block by one of our UK members - BearpawandBearpaw for Cherish Circle

That said, at this moment we are in need of a few more international members to finish out our local circles.  If you are in Australia, Western Europe, the UK or Canada and have considered joining do. Good Stitches, now is the time!  Our bee members work from their own stash and communicate through Flickr, so we need members who are active on Flickr and whose fabric choices will mix easily with others who have "modern" taste in fabrics.  You can register to join via this form.  For more details, see how this bee works.

Those in the States are welcome to register as well!  We have a wait list and always need new quilters to be able to launch new circles in the States.

I know that many of my readers are already active in do. Good Stitches or in other charitable quilting efforts.  Thank-you for giving of yourself through this art we all love.  It's inspiring to sew among you!

xo,  Rachel


  1. Brilliant! Was going to suggest a uk circle when you contacted me yesterday!

  2. What about Eastern Europe? Could we join too?

    1. Yes, maybe? I think we need a dedicated Eastern Europe bee in addition to the Dutch circle eventually. Right now I doubt we have enough for it, but who knows. We are getting lots of responses from this post. Feel free to sign up via the registration form and note your country. If something works out, I'll contact you!

  3. I recognize so much of your experiences. Making blocks and sending them to a quilter who never puts them together into a quilt and disappears from the earth, blocks gone missing in the mail. I guess you never realized this Bee would become so huge!
    I really hope we will be able to put together a European circle and I’m looking forward to become the Dutch host of this circle (not Danish...

    1. Haha, I am so sorry. Dutch, DUTCH! We silly Americans. Off to update post now.

    2. No problem! Rachel, we are often called Danish, but they speak a very different language!

      (The circle doesn’t necessarrily need to be Dutch only, people from other European countries are welcome too (as far as I’m concerned)).

  4. With the increasing postage costs which might have just been US increases, it completely makes sense. I love my do good stitches circle and happy to keep doing it for as long as I'm able.

  5. I'm new to do Good Stitches and I'm loving it. Have already seen one quilt put together and it's so satisfying. Thank you for all you do and if I can ever help, I'm here!

  6. That is such a great idea !!

    I'm sure you will have many many candidates for international circles :)

  7. I love my circle but I would also change to another circle if there was a Western Europe circle. It is not about the shipping cost (Europe costs just as much as shipping to Canada) but the time until a block arrives would no longer be two to three weeks, which right now gives me roughly a week to make my block!

  8. I would love to be part of a Dutch bee, but an European is also a great option!!! I've signed up through the registration form and hope to hear soon that I can participate :-)

  9. Claire is displaying her quilt using our guild's brand new quilt display rack. It works like a charm.

    1. Oh, I was wondering what that was. Cool! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Świetne projekty oraz kolory!

  11. I'm in Aus and would love to participate but I think there a few other things to get off my plate first. I hope you have enough kind hearts to keep Australia going till I can join in.

  12. The fact that this is growing is a fabulous sign that these quilts, and the making of them, is filling a needed void in our world! Keep it going ladies!

    (I'm still on the waiting list in the states, so if there's a "hole" somewhere, don't forget about me! Along with a few other dozen women, I'm sure... :) )

  13. I am really happy with this move Rachel, and though I have been very happy with the Cherish Circle I am really looking forward to hooking up with some UK quilters for a new circle. And, wow, thanks for including my block above! :D

  14. It's so great that you do not give up in a rough patch but, stop, think snd move on. You make it happen and i think that is great!

  15. Such perfect sense and a a lot simpler for the postage. Well done and thanks for the reminder email. I would have hated missing this.

  16. Bless you for not giving up! I love being part of the Heal circle : )


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