Friday, February 15, 2013

random geese

One of the coolest things about being in a quilting bee is getting "assignments" that invite a fresh look at color.  Ara Jane of "you know what i love" is leading the Love circle quilt this month, and asked for any style of flying geese in "dusty pinks, teals/aquas, and dark/navy blues" with low-volume white/black prints or solids for backgrounds.

geese colors

Isn't Ara Jane's example fabric stack lovely?  Aqua and navy is a tried and true classic.  Adding in the dusty pink makes it sweeter, more soft and dreamy.  It actually reminds me of Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow, which is still one of my favorite fabric collections to date.

geese for Love circle

Since Ara Jane invited "free-form" blocks in any size, I took her at her word and went all-improv.  I sewed entirely from triangle scraps and background scraps, not deciding how to arrange my pieces until I'd randomly built little sub-sections of geese and background.  The only "planning" I did was to set some geese on diagonals.  Ironically, that is the element I like least about the finished blocks.

in Ara Jane's palette

I've found when working to assemble a quilt top made with bee blocks of random sizes that small rectangle blocks really come in handy.  My little triplet ranges from 8-10" on the sides.  I hope they play nice with other bee friends.

Thanks, Ara Jane, for a fun project.  These scrappy triangles are delighted to have found a home!


  1. ohhhh, those are so lovely! The palette is beautiful!

  2. oh, these are super fun blocks. i like the cohesive, but scrappy look.

  3. lovely blocks -- I have been playing more with the improv blocks recently and find it very liberating.

  4. Oh my gosh, we're doing practically the same thing (improv) with a lot of the same fabrics! How funny! My geese are wonky though, and I used all one background print. I can't wait to see them all together!

  5. thanks, rachel, these are absolutely gorgeous! i've never attempted to put together a quilt with a bunch of different block sizes, so i really appreciate your thinking of what shapes might be useful to me. can't wait to put this one together!

    1. It can be challenging, but it's usually quite worth it!

  6. Great blocks ... so nice ... that stack of Fabric is just beautiful.

  7. Beatiful fabrics!!! Beatiful!!!
    Maria Filomena

  8. Wow, fab looking blocks, love the texty fabrics too! :)

  9. Your Random Geese are just gorgeous. Fab fabrics and fab piecing but then you are incredibly good at all this.
    Patti xxx


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