Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Welcome, Fabric Spot!

Do you live in Canada?  Well then, you've got to click over to Fabric Spot!  Seriously, you're going to love it - really fresh, modern fabrics, tons of great solids and the biggest selection of organic fabrics in Canada online. 

Shipping within Canada is $5.99 flat rate or FREE for orders of $100 or more!  Fabric Spot is located just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Course, they ship to the States and internationally too, but I'm really thinking about my Canadian readers because I know that international shipping is only getting worse!

The first time I visited Fabric Spot my mouth dropped open at this gorgeous image greeting visitors from the home page.  Over 200 solid fabrics in stock and, oh Nelly, are they beautiful!  The whole site is pretty and useful.  I like pretty.  I need useful.

Take this feature.  Whether you are shopping under the Designer Fabrics (aka prints) tab, Solids or Organics, you can sort the fabrics by overall color.    So, if I'm on the prowl for the perfect shade of solid purple, I can click "main color - purple" and voila!  As you can see, Fabric Spot carries a variety of solid lines, including Kona, Free Spirit, Bella and organic solids.  Lots of choices!

In the Designer Fabrics section, you can shop by collection, designer, manufacturer, THEME and color.  I'm usually hunting for "helpful fabrics" in a particular color.  So, this sorting tool is really helpful!  I can even narrow it by color and then also by a theme such as "Geometrics" to zero in on what I need!

Fabric Spots' selection of modern designer fabrics is definitely to my taste.  Karen has much of what I've been sewing with lately....

like Chicopee (in both colorways)

Architextures (I like that she added a few Kona solids to her bundle!)

and text, text, TEXT (easily found via the Text theme!)

Karen is on a mission to provide excellent customer service.  Just email her to get help with matching fabrics.  She'll even send free fabric swatches on request!  Oh, plus, you can opt to receive an email when upcoming fabrics arrive in stock.   That's always nice!

I've got my eye on Denyse Schmidt's soon-to-be-released Shelbourne Falls. I like all the colorways in Shelbourne Falls, but this one which combines lavendar and true blue seems to be my favorite!

Well, I guess we should conclude our tour of Fabric Spot before I've dragged you through the entire site.  As of yet, there's much more to be discovered (including patterns and books!  oops).  I hope you've enjoyed our romp and will stop by Fabric Spot soon!


  1. OMG - How perfect that you posted this! I was just saying to myself the other day as I browsed the Sew Modern site - "how great would it be if I could search by theme and find text or low volume prints....."

  2. thanks for the intro, I'm always looking for good Canadian shops. I'm off to browse :)

  3. Thank you so much Rachel! I was just thinking I need to find a few Canadian shops to add to my list! Definitely going to check them out!

  4. Oh thank you Rachel, for posting this I have been needing to find someplace in Canada I love all of the wonderful sites in the states but when your postage costs more than some of the things you want to buy it gets expensive and I was so sad because my local shop just doesn't have the designers I love.
    I am off to check them out. Blessings

  5. As a Canadian reader I say thank you!!

  6. This is definitely a new sie for me. will have to go explore it. Thanks for the introduction to the site.

  7. Ahhhhhh.....this is so amazing. I'm Canadian and with the new shipping rates, this store is my new go to!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. I found this the other day! So amazing , there is definitely a lack of quality Canadian fabric stores on-line and the prices charged at some of the quality quilt stores here is absolutely unsustainable for someone with my level of fabric habit. Joel Dewberry Aviary for $22 a meter??? No thanks.

    Fabric Spot will be getting a visit from my mastercard as soon as I am off this fabric diet. Better out down the knitting needles and get sewing !!

  9. Thanks for this. I'm lucky to have several shops near me, but sometimes I just can't find what I want.

  10. Oh wow! Thanks so much Rachel! How have I never found this shop before?? I'm so glad you posted :)

  11. wow thank's since the us shipping had increased i was very confuse on where i can get my fabric! i'm from canada.. but near me... no beautiful fabric shop have to do this online. great thank's i'll go there right away


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