Saturday, January 19, 2013

Emerald Winners!

Happy Saturday!  Before I indulge in the start of a new quilt (eep!) I get to announce the winners of the Emerald mosaic contest.  With 830 votes the top two mosaics are....


Nydia (the ADD-Crafter), who combined Kona Emerald with several lovely low-volume prints and my recent favorite Les Amis Star Pods.  It's a great range of values and would make a lovely quilt.  Find links to all the fabrics on Fat Quarter Shop right here

Ocean Treasures

and Ocean Treasures by AdrianneNZ.   She built her mosaic around Kona Fern, pairing this flashy emerald tone with classic navy and mixing in some sea green tones for variety.  I love it!  Find links to all the fabrics on Fat Quarter Shop right here.

Congratulations to our winners who will receive their bundles in fresh, delicious cotton real soon!  A great big thanks to Fat Quarter Shop for sponsoring our fun.

Thanks to all of you for participating with your mosaics and your votes.  You all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Congrats to the winners, it feels good to have voted for one of the winning bundles!

  2. Will Fat Quarter shop be selling the winner's choices in a fat quarter bundle? I love it.

    1. No, they won't, so your best bet is to use the links to pick up those prints while they last!

  3. I just finished a quilt with your Wheel Quilt pattern if you'd like to see:

  4. congrats to AdrianneNZ as well. I am so excited to play with my new fabric! Do I need to give my address to you or will FQS email me? Thanks to you and FQS for the chance to win :-)

  5. Yay for the winners!!!!!!! I loved all the mosaics. Fun!!!!


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