Sunday, December 30, 2012

the Calendar

Look what's hanging on my wall!

on my wall!

The new year is almost here, so I figured there's no harm in switching out my old calendar for this shiny new one.  January is one of my favorite photos ever!  And now is the time of year where I pack away our Christmas quilt and pull out beloved Colorbrick, my very first quilt, for our couch.  Said couch, which by the way, I've realized really needs some new cushions.  Where is my list of 2013 projects?  Best start that soon.

As promised, here are some photos of the actual calendar.  I decided I like the one with the bowl of pearl on the cover the best.  But, both versions are available for order at Redbubble.

a Colorful Thread calendar

I took a few shots at my table.

enjoying the view

Remembering when...

remembering when...

And just generally enjoying the view.

If you find yourself sadly lacking in the calendar department, I can definitely recommend the Redbubble ones.  I loved the way the dates are directly below the image, with the wire ring at top for sturdy hanging.  It works real well!  The paper and print quality are delightful.  You can visit Redbubble to see all the images inside and the pretty collage on back.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bits & Pieces

It seems things are still running along in the spirit of housekeeping.  I do love the feeling of cleaning up and reorganizing for the new year!   Here are a few bits and pieces with a finished quilt to round things out.

No. 1 {Comments Verification}

It's back.  I so wanted avoid the word verification step when leaving a comment.  At first I only received very occasional spam comments, and Google usually blocked them.  But since I stopped word verification earlier this year, the spam has been multiplying.  This month I have been getting about 20 spam comments per day, and Google has been letting some go through to blog posts.  Sorry folks, I just don't have time to check every spam comment to make sure it doesn't post.  Darn spammers!

No. 2 {End of Year Sales}

In case you haven't heard, there are a good number of sales just posted for 20% off storewide at my favorite fabric stores.

Marmalade Fabric's Merry After Christmas Sale is 20% storewide Friday and Saturday only (Dec. 28  & 29). 

Fabricworm has marked down there sale section so that sale fabrics are 60% off through midnight tomorrow (Friday). 

JAQS Fabrics has 20% off storewide with code "YearEndSale20" until January 1st.

Mad About Patchwork has a sale section with some goodies, like 25% off Flea Market Fancy and 15% off Chicopee, plus an extra 12% off your entire order with code "12Days" through January 5th.

Contemporary Cloth just announced 25% off storewide with code "inventorysale" through January 2nd.

No. 3 {Destash}

So, I've never raided my stash before, but I decided it was time to pass on some fabrics I have been holding onto too long.  Even if they are Garden Party by Anna Maria Horner, sniff.  SOLD.  I'm hoping they'll go to happy new homes!  I've made little groupings by color or collection, just to make this a bit more fun.  Oh, and I also found some color cards and precuts for you.  All prices are discounted, of course.  Stop by my Shop for a looksee?

No. 4 {A Finally Finish}

Scallop Quilt project

One of my favorite Curves Class quilt tops has finally met it's well-deserved finish!  I put off quilting this Scallop Quilt so long because I just wasn't sure how I wanted to quilt the negative space.  I really love how the quilt top looked, so flat and simple, and even considered using flannel as batting so that I wouldn't have to add quilt texture at all.

Scallop Quilting

But, in the end, I opted to quilt along the curves with some echoes in coordinating thread.  I used a walking foot, which made for easy quilting even with curves.  I didn't want to fill up the large expanse of Kona aqua negative space with texture, so I just extended the scallop lines out across for stabilization.  I hope it doesn't detract too much from the minimalist design.

a Finally Finish

My favorite part of this finish was adding some fun prints to the back!  This is totally a boy's baby quilt so just the excuse to use novelty prints.  Then finished with a simple Chicopee stripe binding, in keeping with the quilt front.

playful additions

And now I have just one unfinished quilt project, and it's one you haven't much seen before.  I've promised myself to finish it before starting my new scrappy quilt project.  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Oh, I hope you enjoyed the long holiday weekend!  What fun Christmas can be.  My brood wiled away the hours playing a good bit of Carcasonne (a new board game for us) and eating cookies.  I also found moments to make some scrappy rainbows.

making rainbows

Scraps are the BEST!  I'm looking forward to getting moving on a full-scale scrap indulgence. For now, these rainbows were a sweet treat.

AMH goodies!

Look, for Christmas Brandon gifted some Anna Maria Horner goodies!  I've been wanting to stitch those butterflies since they first appeared in Anna's header.  There's a road trip in my future, so I've got a date with this Fields Aflutter pattern!

After all the festivities, when I got home last night I had this undeniable urge to organize.  While Liam was in the bath I attacked his desk.  After tucking the kiddos in, I reordered their book shelf (which is kind of pointless, I admit).  That's when I figured I ought to put that tidy-up drive to good use doing some housekeeping on this blog. 

I decided to revamp my Projects page with a better layout and organization.  If you stop by the page (and I hope you will someday!), you'll find my finished projects divided into 9 different galleries.  Since Blogger only allows 20 "pages" I had to create 9 new blog posts for each gallery.  You may have noticed the deluge?

Sorry.  But, thankfully I won't ever need to do that again.  The galleries each represent 3 years of sewing, going all the way back to my first ever sewing projects.  Good times!

Oh, I also found some tutorial posts to add to my Tutorials page.  So, now that's all current, and one of my year-end tasks is complete.  I'm going to spend the rest of today preparing for class registration on January 1st.  Have a great day!


a gallery of Finished Quilts


Click Here to visit Finished Quilts Post for 2016


*The Sour Pickle Quilt

 the Sour Pickle quilt

*Pumpkin Spice Quilt

Pumpkin Spice patchwork quilt

*Tipsy Quilt {Improv Handbook #2}

Tipsy {Improv Handbook Score #2}

*Love on Bourbon Street

Love on Bourbon Street

*Zephyr {Improv Handbook #1}

Zephyr {improv handbook, score #1}

*Pink Latte Quilt

Pink Latte quilt finished

*Plus, Plus Quilt

plus, plus (a scrappy Kona quilt)

*Vignette Garden Lattice Quilt

Vignette Garden {a lattice quilt}

*Ice Parfait Quilt

Ice Parfait quilt finished!

*Cotton & Steel Picnic Blanket

Cotton & Steel picnic blanket

*Woodland Baby Quilt

Woodland baby quilt

*Rainbow Clamshell Quilt

Rainbow Clams quilt

*Twinkle Twin Quilts

twin Twinkle Quilts


*Improv Angles Charity Quilt

Improv Angles charity quilt

*Love in Starbright Stars

Love in Starbright Stars

*Party Pyramids Scrap Baby Quilt

Party Pyramids baby quilt

*Petal Path Twin Quilt

Petal Path finished!

*Floating Wedges Baby Quilt

Floating Wedge quilt

*Autumn Air Full Quilt

Autumn Air quilt for Daniel

*Purge Picnic Blanket

finished Purge picnic quilt!

*Tangential Queen Quilt

Tangential, a cumulative queen-sized quilt

*Cascade Quilt

Cascade quilt designed for Angled online class

*Emerge Quilt

Emerge quilt for Angled class

*Cobblestones Quilt

Cobblestones quilt finish

*Indian Blanket Quilt

Indian Blanket for ::Angled:: class

*Pretty Potent Chevron Queen Quilt

Pretty Potent chevron quilt

*Love in Carnival

Love in Carnvial for do. Good Stitches

*Simple Strings Twin Quilt

Simple Strings finished

*Chaos Twin Quilt

chaos quilt finished

*Chai Rose Ikat Quilt

Ikat quilt for Color Intensive

*Seedlings Quilt

Seedlings quilt

*Waltz of the Flowers Quilt

Waltz of the Flowers quilt

*Scrappy Stars Baby Quilt

Scrappy Stars baby quilt

*Color Wheel Baby Quilt

via my Wheel Quilt pattern


*Sparklers Quilt + Pattern

Sparklers Quilt finished! 

*Vintage Tangerine

Vintage Tangerine!

*Raindrops & Sunshine baby quilt


*Starbright Quilt

Starbright Quilt, finished!

*Ziggy Strings 

summer love

*Improv in Shelburne Falls

Shelburne Falls quilt

*Pixie Churns Baby Quilt

Pixie Churns baby quilt 

*Love in Sunny Log Cabins

Love in Sunny Cabins

Clashy Bright baby quilt

 finished!  Clashy Bright baby quilt

 The Penny Sampler

Penny Sampler Welcome

Jade Princess Dogwood Quilt
Jade Princess twin quilt

*Rainbow Tilt-a-Whirl

Rainbow Tilt-a-whirl baby quilt

 *Whisper baby quilt

Whisper, quilted

*Lolly Lolly baby quilt

Lolly Lolly quilt


Unsettled quilt

*Essex Housetop Quilt 

 Essex Housetop quilt

*Love in Go Anywhere Stripes

Love in go Anywhere stripes!

*Voltage baby quilt

 Voltage baby quilt

*Red Red Stars quilt

Anna Maria Horner stars on Kona Rich Red

*Penny Patch baby quilt

Penny Patch baby quilt


*Love in Fallen Stars

Love in Fallen Stars

*The Emerald City 

Emerald City for grandpa

*Chicopee Churn Dash

Chicopee Churn Dash

*Value Dance Quilt

Value Dance quilt

*Scattered Gems Quilt

Scattered Gems for Faith circle

*Simple Stacked Coin Quilts

Simply Stacked twin quilts

*Modern Medallion Quilt


*Bottled Rainbows Picnic Blanket

Bottled Rainbows Picnic Blanket

*a Little Fling

the quilting draaags...

*Lecien Dots Picnic Blanket

Lecien Dots Picnic Blanket

*Ric Rac Rabbits Picnic Blanket

this little thing

*Berry Picking Picnic Blanket

Berry Picking picnic blanket

*Love in Polaroids

Love in Polaroids with do. Good Stitches

*Half a Trip

Half a Trip in England Swings

*Oodalolly Quilt

Oodalolly quilt finished!

*Rainbow Wheel Quilt

Scrappy Color Wheel

*Whimsy Wheel Quilt

Whimsy Wheel Baby Quilt

*Baby Grannies

three Baby Grannies

*Loulouthi Tiles

at home at mother's

*Retro Flowers Mini

it's new home


light + color


*Love in Wonky Stars 

Love in Wonky Stars with do. Good Stitches

*Brick House

Brick House Baby Quilt

*Sixth Time's the Charm

Spiderweb quilting

*Rainbow Craze

with "organic" straight line quilting

*Bottled Rainbows 

hello, room.

*Beach Riot

Beach Riot beach blanket

*Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup quilt

*90 Degrees

90 Degree quilt pattern

*Summer Sampler in "Sharp"

Summer Sampler complete!

*September Swoon 

Swoon with Faith circle of do. Good Stiches

*Love in Bubbles

Bubble Quilt by do. Good Stitches

*Twinkle, Twinkle quilt

autumn in my yard

*Baby Bottled Rainbows 

Baby Bottled Rainbows!


At home

*Fairytale Patchwork

 Fairytale Patchwork for Quilt Story

*Meadowsweet Quilt 

 Meadowsweet Quilt for

*Red & Aqua Sampler

Congrats, team =)
*Modern Meadow Colorbrick 

Modern Meadow Colorbrick Quilt

*Hide & Seek Quilt 

Hide & Seek Spectrum Quilt

*Sunrise Spectrum Baby Quilt

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