Tuesday, December 4, 2012


7:00 Wake up and mentally run through my Elsa & Peter story I'll be telling at morning school.

7:30  I'm ready for the day, but the kids are still in Aria's room together.  Strange.  They always beat me to breakfast.  Ear to door - Is that Aria telling Liam a story?  La tee da, off to tidy my sewing room.

8:00 Hmm... they're still at it and soooo quiet and happy.  Maybe I'll take a few shots of Scrappy Star pouch in the morning light.  And do dishes.  And....  (insert stolen-moments-mommy-glee). 

8:30 Knock, knock.  Kids cuddled together on bed, book in hand.  "Mom, I'm reading to Liam."  Mommy melts.  Recovers.  "Oh, well, you're going to have to get to a stopping place.  It's a school day."  Secretly thinking, reading totally counts as school!  Aria begs, "Just a few more pages, and I'll be done with book 1".  Book 1?

8:40  Breakfast, morning school, United Kingdom project.  Yes, she literally read Liam an entire chapter book this morning.  And she has plans to read the rest of the My Father's Dragon trilogy today - aloud - but also to work on the fort they've been building and possibly our Christmas garland.  A little ambitious?  Don't know where that comes from.

Noon-ish  School took us right up into lunch time, what with our late start.  Then rest time, the golden hour after lunch which is my chance to pen the daily post.

1:30  The kids snag some chocolate chip cookies and head out to labor in the fields.  They're cutting tall dry grass for a fort floor and chopping down errant baby pine trees, "Or the pine trees will take over!"  Pine trees become fort walls.  I happily stitch away, windows open, marveling at my luck.

2:30  Still sewing, wide-eyed.

3:00  Kids come in for water break and find their way to the couch. Aria starts reading again.  Still sewing.

4:00 Wait, is this my day off?  I go to sit with the kids a bit, listening to Aria's reading. She's gotten better since I last made her read aloud for school in August.  I left off it because she didn't like the pressure of reading aloud.  She loved to read, quietly.  Why ruin a good thing?  Now she's reading aloud fast and fluently.  Liam's a lucky little boy.

4:45 She's done!  242 pages (somewhat big text, Aria notes).  I'm so proud. Liam feels so loved!  And, look what I made....

Valentina Pouch

 Solids improv patchwork pouch

improv in solids

inspired by this Valentina print from Lark CottonsMarika's tempted to make Valentina pillow cases.  My work is done.

looking plump

Scrappy flying geese pouch

Scrappy Geese Pouch

permanent home for 20+ triangle-shaped scraps (I had to cut a few from non-triangle scraps. shhhhhhhh.)  

with Chicopee

Set against Essex putty with Chicopee trim and lining.

Every day is a gift.  But, some more than others.  Now, yesterday was not perfect. There was still some minor sibling squabbles and the baffling case of the lost grass clippers, which twice required my supermom finding skills.  But, it was a pretty rosy day all around.

Today is my real day off.  I think I'm ready to tackle quilting my do. Good Stitches star quilt.  Yes, I'm fresh and rested.  Here we go!


  1. That's a wonderful day you had and now you have record of it in case you ever need a reminder of how special it was and your kiddos are.

  2. What a lovely you had :) And those purples and reds are so lovely toegether !

    You work is done because you made me want to buy this fabric ? lol kidding. Surprisingly, my boyfriend doesn't mind having pillowcases made out of a very girly print. He said yes once so I won't ask him twice in case he changes his mind :)

  3. I love your posts, but these kind make me sad. I miss those days! Treasure them...as I know you do! Tell Aria "High Five" on reading that book to her little brother - that is a great book and one of our favorites!

  4. oh, my!!! you're so seriously tempting me with your beautiful drawstring bags, they're gorgeous. And yay for a lovely, peaceful day of sewing.

    1. Thanks, Svetlana. Seems like I hit on another sewing addiction, like journal covers!

  5. Ooh, what a nice day! Go Aria!!

  6. Thank you for sharing such a golden day - it warmed my heart to learn Aria's reading transformation and the obvious care for her brother. Savour it (I guess you do already, well-deserved).

  7. Oh my- what a stroke of mom luck !! I love those moments, where they entertain and engage each other!

  8. What a splendid day, Rachel, thanks for sharing and well done Aria!
    Love seeing those drawstring pouches you've made - they're so pretty, especially the scrap star one! Drawstring bag has been on my 'must make' list and you've got me all excited to make one now!

  9. What a lovely day Rachel! I love your drawstring bags the are gorgeous. I'm inspired to make one for myself.

  10. Oh, I love those days. I had one recently where they finished school in like, an hour, and then ran out to play with the neighbors...all. day. It was so great. I'm glad you got to have one of those, they're so rare and so wonderful.

  11. Your bags are awesome, I love the colors you have chose. You are inspiring me to add yet another project to my list :)

  12. What a lovely and full day :) thank you for sharing!
    And bags are perfect!


  13. What a wonderful day for you and kids!! I remember when my dd started reading out loud to younger brother, what a wonderful feeling. I love it when the kids take off and make forts/etc together (my dd and said younger brother do this often). And a great bag you made. I hope today goes as well for you.

  14. I love My father's Dragon! i have those books somewhere still, such a wonderful thing to enjoy reading and share it!


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