Wednesday, December 26, 2012


a gallery of finished projects for Women

*Not-so-flirty Flight Skirt

Reversible gauze skirt

*Scrappy Tote

 a tote for Laura

*Slouchy Mexico Bag

slouchy Mexico bag

*Slouchy Hourglass Bag

slouchy Hourglass bag

*Trimmed Tote

 Trimmed Tote for Color Intensive

*Alabama Chanin Dress

in Alabama Chanin

*Flirting the Issue Skirt

 Flirting the Issue skirts!

*Patchwork Makeup Roll

 Patchwork Makeup Roll

*Wallet aka Zip Organizer


*Zippy Pouch

raindrops & poppies

*Box Pouch

Triangle Patch Box Pouch

*Zigzag Covered Journal

Zigzag Cover Tutorial

*Droplets Covered Journal

Chicopee Droplet journal cover

*Scrappy Mama's Bag

loving my new purse

*Chicopee Makeup Roll

my new Makeup Roll (and pattern!)

*Sunny Skies Apron

from Sew Liberated (the 

*Money Apron

Patchwork Style apron

*Typewriter iPad Sleeve & Journals


*Vintage Sweet Covered Journals

 Sweetwater Reunion covered journals

*Miscellany Covered Journal

put to use

*Summerlove iPad Sleeves

iPad sleeves

*Patchwork Slippers

Kimono shoes in patchwork

*Painted Portrait Blouse

 Painted Portrait blouse

*Poppy Covered Journal

Poppy journal cover

*Loop dee doo Skirt

Loop de doo project

*Field of Flowers Covered Journal & Fresh Cut Notecards 

Field of Flowers journal cover

Fresh Cut Flowers Notecards

*Alabama Chanin Zippy

Zippy a la Alabama Chanin

*Pezzy Tote

 Pezzy tote on linen

*Little Stitches coin purses

Rainbow coin purse

*Teacup Apron

in Miscellany and Garden Party dots

*Loulouthi Makeup Roll

checking off another Gift!

*Duffel Bag 

pleated pocket

*Laptop sleeve

in Summer totem, Loulouthi

*Central Park Makeup Roll

Central Park makeup roll

*More Makeup Rolls 

Makeup Roll for my Mother-in-Law

*Garden Party Purse

Garden Party Purse

*Pajama Pants

in Little Folks Flannel 

*Alabama Chanin Skirt

Refasioned with Alabama Stitch Book

*Skirting Couture Skirt

Natura Skirt finished!

*On Point Apron

Apron in fig tree

*Makeup Rolls

Makeup Rolls for Home & Travel

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  1. Are you totally blown away like I am about how many projects you have completed this year?


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