Monday, December 3, 2012

Scappy Star Pouch

Scrap sewing therapy was just the trick.  I had FUN making this!

Scrappy Star pouch

My Scrappy Star pouch is based off of Jeni's tutorial, with a pair of wonky stars gracing front and back.  It all started with...

my Triangle Legions

that looming pile of triangles.  Yes, I bravely unleashed the triangle-shaped scraps whose uncanny growth strikes fear.  But not this time.   Each star takes 8 teeny triangle points.  That's a small scrappy victory, folks.  And I have plans for yet more.

Scrappy Star pouch, other side!

Here we are on the other side.  That's Ledger from Architextures framing the stars, with Essex Putty up top.

with Ledger and Essex putty

I was also quite tickled to use that polka dot for lining.  The colors were perfect!  See, now that's what happens when you keep a fabric stash.  (OK, sometimes, that happens....)

garland in progress

Oh, and I also started the Christmas tree garland!  The kids are intrigued and besotted yet again by the fabric die cutter.  Yay!

from Lark Cottons!

I picked up Ledger in multi and gray, plus this pretty Valentina print all from Lark Cottons.  The Architextures collection is flying out, but she'll be restocked soon.  My next bag is based off Valentina.  Crossing fingers it turns out as well!

Hope you all get to do some FUN sewing today too.  It's totally the way to start a week!  Oh, also, if you have a values quilt to share, do stop by Where the Orchids Grow to link up.  Happy Monday!


  1. love it! what beautiful colors too! that ledger print is amazing. I have some, but I might have to get more just in case. ;)

  2. That's such a nice mix of fabrics and stars. Of course, I'm intrigued by the garland too!

  3. Thank you for giving me the urge to buy more fabric... That Valentina print would make gorgeous pillow cases !!

  4. This is such a pretty bag! Love the fabric!!

  5. I love seeing those bags done up in patchwork. Glad the kids are into the garland now!

  6. Ok. I just had to go online to Lark and order the ledger fabric. They only had 1/2 left. Their shipping is reasonable too.

    1. You got the last piece! Yep, it's a good print. I like that it's text, but not all over text.

    2. It looks like most every other seller only has pre-orders. I am happy I got it.

  7. Your bag is gorgeous!!! I really am inspired to make one or two or more! Thank you so much.

  8. I love the scrappy stars. :) These would make gorgeous gift bags too. I'm sort of on the fence about the Architextures collection, but I really like how it looks in this project.

  9. Rachel your bag is gorgeous! I love the scrappy stars.

  10. Adorable bag, I love those star blocks! Just wonderful!


  11. Such a pretty bag ~ I've loved star blocks since I started quilting. Thanks for sharing your bag.

  12. what a wonderful bag. I think I have to make one again, too. But when I don't know. Nice inspiration.

  13. I'm glad that it was fun to make because it sure is fun to look at. 'lovely' doesn't quite do it justice.


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