Wednesday, December 26, 2012


a gallery of Finished Quilts


*Sparklers Quilt + Pattern

Sparklers Quilt finished! 

*Vintage Tangerine

Vintage Tangerine!

*Raindrops & Sunshine baby quilt


*Starbright Quilt

Starbright Quilt, finished!

*Ziggy Strings 

summer love

*Improv in Shelburne Falls

Shelburne Falls quilt

*Pixie Churns Baby Quilt

Pixie Churns baby quilt 

*Love in Sunny Log Cabins

Love in Sunny Cabins

Clashy Bright baby quilt

 finished!  Clashy Bright baby quilt

 The Penny Sampler

Penny Sampler Welcome

Jade Princess Dogwood Quilt
Jade Princess twin quilt

*Rainbow Tilt-a-Whirl

Rainbow Tilt-a-whirl baby quilt

 *Whisper baby quilt

Whisper, quilted

*Lolly Lolly baby quilt

Lolly Lolly quilt


Unsettled quilt

*Essex Housetop Quilt 

 Essex Housetop quilt

*Love in Go Anywhere Stripes

Love in go Anywhere stripes!

*Voltage baby quilt

 Voltage baby quilt

*Red Red Stars quilt

Anna Maria Horner stars on Kona Rich Red

*Penny Patch baby quilt

Penny Patch baby quilt


*Love in Fallen Stars

Love in Fallen Stars

*The Emerald City 

Emerald City for grandpa

*Chicopee Churn Dash

Chicopee Churn Dash

*Value Dance Quilt

Value Dance quilt

*Scattered Gems Quilt

Scattered Gems for Faith circle

*Simple Stacked Coin Quilts

Simply Stacked twin quilts

*Modern Medallion Quilt


*Bottled Rainbows Picnic Blanket

Bottled Rainbows Picnic Blanket

*a Little Fling

the quilting draaags...

*Lecien Dots Picnic Blanket

Lecien Dots Picnic Blanket

*Ric Rac Rabbits Picnic Blanket

this little thing

*Berry Picking Picnic Blanket

Berry Picking picnic blanket

*Love in Polaroids

Love in Polaroids with do. Good Stitches

*Half a Trip

Half a Trip in England Swings

*Oodalolly Quilt

Oodalolly quilt finished!

*Rainbow Wheel Quilt

Scrappy Color Wheel

*Whimsy Wheel Quilt

Whimsy Wheel Baby Quilt

*Baby Grannies

three Baby Grannies

*Loulouthi Tiles

at home at mother's

*Retro Flowers Mini

it's new home


light + color


*Love in Wonky Stars 

Love in Wonky Stars with do. Good Stitches

*Brick House

Brick House Baby Quilt

*Sixth Time's the Charm

Spiderweb quilting

*Rainbow Craze

with "organic" straight line quilting

*Bottled Rainbows 

hello, room.

*Beach Riot

Beach Riot beach blanket

*Alphabet Soup

Alphabet Soup quilt

*90 Degrees

90 Degree quilt pattern

*Summer Sampler in "Sharp"

Summer Sampler complete!

*September Swoon 

Swoon with Faith circle of do. Good Stiches

*Love in Bubbles

Bubble Quilt by do. Good Stitches

*Twinkle, Twinkle quilt

autumn in my yard

*Baby Bottled Rainbows 

Baby Bottled Rainbows!


At home

*Fairytale Patchwork

 Fairytale Patchwork for Quilt Story

*Meadowsweet Quilt 

 Meadowsweet Quilt for

*Red & Aqua Sampler

Congrats, team =)
*Modern Meadow Colorbrick 

Modern Meadow Colorbrick Quilt

*Hide & Seek Quilt 

Hide & Seek Spectrum Quilt

*Sunrise Spectrum Baby Quilt



  1. WOW WOW WOW... I LOOVVEE Your quilts! They are all so beautiful! And this is for 2012? Amazing!

    1. No, this is for 2012-2010 so far. I'll be adding to it over the years. Thank-you!

  2. The most beautiful collection of quilts !
    Congrats - and soo many !

  3. They are all so pretty. I have been looking at all of your pages today. Such an inspiration you are.

  4. These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful work.

  5. I love each and every quilt you make. Every time I look here, I wanna run to my sewing room and get busy! So many ideas I don't ever know where to start :)

  6. Absolutely gorgeous work Rachael! I think this is the first blog I've seen where I like(love) every single wonderful masterpiece! I'll definitely be keeping tabs on you! Inspiring! Keep up the great work....not really work is it? That's whatbis so wonderful! Fellow quilter......

  7. Love all of those beautiful quilts. I cannon ever seem to get my eyes of the Oodalolly one. It is really amazing you designed all of those tricky curves to fit together! Congratulations!


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