Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Oh, I hope you enjoyed the long holiday weekend!  What fun Christmas can be.  My brood wiled away the hours playing a good bit of Carcasonne (a new board game for us) and eating cookies.  I also found moments to make some scrappy rainbows.

making rainbows

Scraps are the BEST!  I'm looking forward to getting moving on a full-scale scrap indulgence. For now, these rainbows were a sweet treat.

AMH goodies!

Look, for Christmas Brandon gifted some Anna Maria Horner goodies!  I've been wanting to stitch those butterflies since they first appeared in Anna's header.  There's a road trip in my future, so I've got a date with this Fields Aflutter pattern!

After all the festivities, when I got home last night I had this undeniable urge to organize.  While Liam was in the bath I attacked his desk.  After tucking the kiddos in, I reordered their book shelf (which is kind of pointless, I admit).  That's when I figured I ought to put that tidy-up drive to good use doing some housekeeping on this blog. 

I decided to revamp my Projects page with a better layout and organization.  If you stop by the page (and I hope you will someday!), you'll find my finished projects divided into 9 different galleries.  Since Blogger only allows 20 "pages" I had to create 9 new blog posts for each gallery.  You may have noticed the deluge?

Sorry.  But, thankfully I won't ever need to do that again.  The galleries each represent 3 years of sewing, going all the way back to my first ever sewing projects.  Good times!

Oh, I also found some tutorial posts to add to my Tutorials page.  So, now that's all current, and one of my year-end tasks is complete.  I'm going to spend the rest of today preparing for class registration on January 1st.  Have a great day!


  1. It's definately a good time to clean up, I have plans to do the same in my home this week and the next. Nothing a new year for fresh beginnings!

  2. Great new order, Rachel! You have done a lot to get everything in so nice order! I'm moving my blog to get better order and I'm happy with the new one. Happy New Year! x Teje
    PS. I miss scrap project!

  3. That's how I want to start the new year, a little reorganizing! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas XO

  4. The cover of the book is beautiful. It looks like you will find a lot of inspiration in i.

  5. I loved your round-up of projects. You are very talented!

    A very Happy New Year to you and your family too.

    (All the way from India)

  6. I love your new blog bits! It was fun to look through all your projects and tutorials. I like that I can find what I am looking for so quickly for future inspiration, nice job!

    1. So glad it's helpful! Yes, the projects page is my favorite way to find things. Seems to work faster than searching!

  7. Rachel,

    I could *just* follow your blog and never run out of great ideas to try! I looked at your completed quilts and I've never seen your color wheel quilt.'s my favorite of all of the ones I've seen. I love that you used that black in the top left corner! You are the project finishing queen! :)

    We love Carcasonne, too. Such a fun game!

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I do have this thing about finishing projects. It keeps my mojo flowing. Yay, Carcasonne =)

  8. Yes, I find myself scrambling and trying to get things organized in this last little bit of time "off" before the kids go back to school and life returns to its usual pace. This year a I am trying out hiring a deep cleaning service. I'm hoping that, with their help I will be able to focus my attention on things that only I can do, like my file cabinet, kids' closets, etc.
    I love your blog, BTW. I'm such a beginner when it comes to stitching of any kind, but I'm hoping to keep improving. I started teaching my daughter to crochet today.


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