Wednesday, December 26, 2012


a gallery of finished projects for Little Ones

*Nicey Jane Dress

Nicey Jane Easter dress

*Pixel Pillows

Pixel Pillows

*Morning Walk Marissa Dress

Morning Walk Marissa dress

*Bespoke Nightgown

Bespoke gauze nightgown

*Boxy Pouches

 boxy pouches

*Modified Geranium Dress

 a dress for Aria

*Flourish Marissa Dress

 me and the girly on Easter

*Quilted Sleeping Bag

an Up Parasol sleeping bag
*Dala Horse Pillow

 Dala Horse pillow

*Scottie Dog

 Scrappy, Stitched Gifts

*more Pajamas

in Ann Kelle Park Play 

*Menagerie Pillowcase

Woodland in Oak 

*Geranium Dress

Geranium dress in Nanny Bee 

*MINI Wide Open Pouch

mini pouches for Aria & Liam

*Little Folks Nightgown

made in Little Folks voile

*Pajama Pants

new PJ's... Stat. 

*Reversible Girl's Dress

Reversible Girl's Dress

*Comet Balls

comet balls

*Happy Drawing Sleeping Bag

Happy Drawing sleeping bag

*Pink Seeds Easter Dress

pleased to meet you

*Little Dresses for Africa

 all the pretty colors

*Owl Stuffies

Owl family

*Liam's PJs 2011 

Oliver & S Bedtime Story Pajamas

*Aria's PJs 2011

in Diamond Mine flannel by AMH

*Aria's Chair Cushion

for Aria's new desk chair

*Liam's Chair Cushion

Liam's chair cushion

*Crayon rolls

mama made a surprise

*Little Honey Easter Dress

Easter Dress!

*Bike Buckets

 Bike Buckets + First Curves

*Lyla's Banner 

Lyla's banner

*Isabelle's Pillowcase

Isabella's Quilt & Pillowcase

*ZigZag Pillowcase

my favorite side

*Vintage with Pop child's apron

Abbey's Apron

*Natura child's top

after a storm

*Laugh Banner

Liam's Banner

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  1. Many children have been touched by your creativity!


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