Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Celebrate Good Stitches!

Woa my gosh, I've published 3 posts today!  Yes, well, this is kind of a big event.  Thanks for hanging in there!  Ok, so you've stopped by the Voting post to choose your favorite quilt for Best of 2012 and you've visited the Quilt Pools post to enter your completed do. Good Stitches quilts or any charity quilt into those fab drawings.  What are we doing here?

Celebrate Good Stitches

Just celebrating with 21 giveaways!  

In case you're not in the loop, Celebrate Good Stitches is a year-end event to cheer on the work of do. Good Stitches {a charity bee}.  We started in 2010 and have grown into 21 circles, each making monthly quilts for a passel of great children's charities. The ideas is to combine the fun of a virtual quilting bee with a wonderful reason for being - to bless and serve those in need with a tangible expression of love.  This all happens over at Flickr, a free online platform for sharing pictures that's also great for organizing groups. If you're active on Flickr and enjoy quilting in a modern style, why don't you join us?  Next year, we'll be celebrating you!

Today we're celebrating the current members of do. Good Stitches, with members awards freely gifted by three of my awesome sponsors:  The Intrepid Thread, Fat Quarter Shop and Pink Chalk Fabrics.  If you want to support fabric shops that care about making a difference, these three would be a great place to start!

To make sure that everyone feels the love, Members Awards will be randomly bestowed upon 1 member from Every Circle.  That's a lot of prizes and they're good too!  Drumroll please for these winners, each selected by Mr. Random....

Julie at Intrepid Thread is providing $25 gift certificates as Members Awards for the Love circle, Faith circle, Hope circle, Joy circle, Peace circle, Bliss circle and Inspire circle.

***Natalie Sabik from the Love circle

***Debbie Jeske from the Faith circle 

***Christie Kline from the Hope circle

***Helen Kipling from the Joy circle

***Lisa Chavez from the Peace circle

***Laura Hayward from the Bliss circle

***Tammie Schaffer from the Inspire circle

The team at Fat Quarter Shop is providing $25 gift certificates as Members Awards for the Grace circle, Cherish circle, Harmony circle, Trust circle, Empower circle, Dream circle, and Imagine circle.

***Melissa Devenney from the Grace circle

***Jenna Excell from the Cherish circle

***Angelina Seha from the Harmony circle

***Erica Mallett from the Trust circle

***Kimberly Place from the Empower circle

***Lindsey Rhodes from the Dream circle

***Andy Knowlton from the Imagine circle

Kathy at Pink Chalk Fabrics is providing $25 gift certificates as Members Awards for the Care circle, Heal circle, Believe circle, Wish circle, Cheer circle, Happiness circle and Promise circle.

***Leanne Elliot from the Care circle

***Carla Fawcett from the Heal circle

***Megan Nichols from the Believe circle

***Sonya Robinson from the Wish circle

***Wendi Hodgson from the Cheer circle

***Stephanie Zito from the Happiness circle

***Megan Evans from the Promise circle

Congratulations, ladies!  I am forwarding each of your email addresses to the fabric shop, who will email you gift certificates.  If you don't receive yours this week, please let me know so we can double-check email addresses.  

From all of us quilters in the blogosphere, enjoy your gift!  We know you didn't join do. Good Stitches to win prizes, but we're also sure you deserve it!!! And thanks again to these three great fabric shops for making Members Awards a reality.  That was a tall order and you all really stepped up.  We really appreciate it!


  1. Wow! What generosity from these great shops. Thank you! It's an honor and a privilege to be a part of do.Good Stitches!

  2. Oh, Happy Day!!! Thank you Rachel, and to all the sponsors! And a big SHOUT OUT TO THE BLISS CIRCLE!!!!


  3. Oh my gosh...Thank you Rachel, Pink Chalk, and mostly the incredible women of WISH! It is an honor to stitch with you!

  4. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much, Rachel, Fat Quarter Shop, and the Trust circle. It is a blessing to be a member of such a talented group of stitchers!

  5. So excited!!!! Thanks Rachel, Pink Chalk, and Believe! do. Good is so fun to participate in so thank you again for making this awesome sewing charity so amazing!

  6. Wow! Thank you so much Rachel, Pink Chalk Fabrics and all the sponsors! Cheer circle ladies, it's a joy to be stitching with you!

  7. Wow- I am so excited! Thank you Rachel and Fat Quarter Shop and all of the sponsors. It has been so wonderful to be a part of this group and the Grace Circle!

  8. Thank you so much Rachel & Fat Quarter Shop. I love being able to take something I enjoy doing and use it to help others. I'm so glad these do.Good Stitches groups exist!

  9. You've created a great organization, Rachel. It's so sweet of your sponsors to share the love! I'm proud to be a part of dgs. And Merry Christmas!

  10. Oh my goodness, I just saw this and I am so excited!! Thank you so much, Rachel, for putting all of this together, and for having the brilliant idea to start do good stitches in the first place! And also thanks so much to Julie at Intrepid Thread (and all of the sponsors!) for their generous support and kindness!

  11. I am so excited to win this gift card! I have been out of work since October, so it's nice to have a guilt-free treat! Thanks you and Kimberly so much!

  12. oh my goodness - I've been away and offline since 10 December and have only just seen that I've won a little gift - thanks sooo much Rachel and Kathy from Pink Chalk :) not sure if I've received an email - I'll have to go back and check now :) happy new year to everyone :)


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