Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Celebrate Good Stitches ::Quilt Pools::

I'm sooooooo excited to see these photo pools for Celebrate Good Stitches!  There are 2 entry pools, so you may have to scroll a bit.

First up, I'm eager to see each do. Good Stitches quilt finished in 2012 added in this pool.  Quilts finished by December 10th qualify as an entry into the Quilter's Grand Prize drawing.  The drawing is for a gigantic role of batting from The Warm Company.  Woohoo!  Finished means quilted and bound!  If you finished a qualifying quilt in 2012 but are no longer active with do. Good Stitches, you can still submit your quilt for this drawing!

More quilts?  More chances to win!  And, if you finished a quilt for another member (i.e. someone passed you the blocks or quilt top) then you're the quilter who earns a chance to win!  Enter your quilt here by midnight, Thursday the 13th:

We also have a pool for any charity quilt finished between November 1st and December 10th, 2012.  Because, even if you're not able to be part of do. Good Stitches, we bet you also like to do good.  This Charity Drive pool is sponsored by Mad About Patchwork.  I'll announce winners for both pools this Friday!


  1. I do love your "Love in Fallen Starts"

  2. That was a hard choice! So many gorgeous quilts!

  3. gah! i've been so busy the last few days i didn't see this and missed entering my quilts. boo for me!


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