Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bits & Pieces

It seems things are still running along in the spirit of housekeeping.  I do love the feeling of cleaning up and reorganizing for the new year!   Here are a few bits and pieces with a finished quilt to round things out.

No. 1 {Comments Verification}

It's back.  I so wanted avoid the word verification step when leaving a comment.  At first I only received very occasional spam comments, and Google usually blocked them.  But since I stopped word verification earlier this year, the spam has been multiplying.  This month I have been getting about 20 spam comments per day, and Google has been letting some go through to blog posts.  Sorry folks, I just don't have time to check every spam comment to make sure it doesn't post.  Darn spammers!

No. 2 {End of Year Sales}

In case you haven't heard, there are a good number of sales just posted for 20% off storewide at my favorite fabric stores.

Marmalade Fabric's Merry After Christmas Sale is 20% storewide Friday and Saturday only (Dec. 28  & 29). 

Fabricworm has marked down there sale section so that sale fabrics are 60% off through midnight tomorrow (Friday). 

JAQS Fabrics has 20% off storewide with code "YearEndSale20" until January 1st.

Mad About Patchwork has a sale section with some goodies, like 25% off Flea Market Fancy and 15% off Chicopee, plus an extra 12% off your entire order with code "12Days" through January 5th.

Contemporary Cloth just announced 25% off storewide with code "inventorysale" through January 2nd.

No. 3 {Destash}

So, I've never raided my stash before, but I decided it was time to pass on some fabrics I have been holding onto too long.  Even if they are Garden Party by Anna Maria Horner, sniff.  SOLD.  I'm hoping they'll go to happy new homes!  I've made little groupings by color or collection, just to make this a bit more fun.  Oh, and I also found some color cards and precuts for you.  All prices are discounted, of course.  Stop by my Shop for a looksee?

No. 4 {A Finally Finish}

Scallop Quilt project

One of my favorite Curves Class quilt tops has finally met it's well-deserved finish!  I put off quilting this Scallop Quilt so long because I just wasn't sure how I wanted to quilt the negative space.  I really love how the quilt top looked, so flat and simple, and even considered using flannel as batting so that I wouldn't have to add quilt texture at all.

Scallop Quilting

But, in the end, I opted to quilt along the curves with some echoes in coordinating thread.  I used a walking foot, which made for easy quilting even with curves.  I didn't want to fill up the large expanse of Kona aqua negative space with texture, so I just extended the scallop lines out across for stabilization.  I hope it doesn't detract too much from the minimalist design.

a Finally Finish

My favorite part of this finish was adding some fun prints to the back!  This is totally a boy's baby quilt so just the excuse to use novelty prints.  Then finished with a simple Chicopee stripe binding, in keeping with the quilt front.

playful additions

And now I have just one unfinished quilt project, and it's one you haven't much seen before.  I've promised myself to finish it before starting my new scrappy quilt project.  Wish me luck!


  1. I love how you quilted your quilt. It is very pretty. I hate the word verification but I understand why you need to use it. I also hate Anonymous comments too. I have read some really bad ones on various blog sites.

  2. This is so accurately quilted , looks fantastic and underlines the minimalistic look. Rachel, I was looking in your shop for the Anna Maria Horner fabric Garden Party - but couldn.t see it. If you still have it, I am interested. Just let me know please.

  3. Are you planning to do another scrappy quilt challenge? I would love it if you...I still have to finish my scrappy quilt top from last year...

  4. oh thanks for the sales news! And what in the world is up with the spam? I've had my WV off for a long time, but just in the last few weeks it's multiplied a lot. So annoying. Love your scallop quilting too!

  5. Love how you quilted that so simply. Suits the quilt's aesthetic. Would love to see another scrappy challenge!

  6. Gorgeous quilt. I love everything about it!

  7. I have to say, I think my favorite part is the extension of the curved lines. It's stunning in every way.

  8. That is the perfect quilting for the scalloped quilt top--bravo!

    1. Thanks so much, you all! I was way chicken on this one and took my sweet time =)

  9. Your Scallop quilt is so beautiful! Also, I am interested in the Valentina print in your shop and was wondering if you would consider shipping to Australia? Thanks.

    1. Sure. I set it up at the store with shipping at $8.50 to Australia. That is shipping by First Class mail, which can take 1-3 weeks, I believe.

  10. Love the curved echo quilting Rachel! So beautiful! And, yes, the anonymous comments are driving me crazy and I don't even have a tiny smidgen amount of traffic that I am sure you do. It seemed as if Google was holding them back for a bit, but during the holidays they were coming through...and some so inappropriate!!!


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