Wednesday, December 26, 2012


a gallery of finished Baby Projects

*Triangle Baby Blanket

Sherpa Flora baby blanket

*New Crib Sheets

Crib sheets in the new sewing room!

*Baby Clothes Memory Pillows

Remembering Pillow

*Lullaby Layette Onesie

Lullaby Rompers in Birch Organics

*Lamb Costume

this little lamb


Green Bee {kimono}


Sunbonnet a la the Purl Bee

*Travel Changing Pad

a travel Changing Pad

*Voile Loveys

Lovey blankets in voile

*Nursery Closet Curtain

Folk Song nursery closet curtains

*Sherpa Ensemble

Purl Bee winter duds in Cotton Sherpa Fleece

*Alphabet Stitchery

Stitchery alphabet wall

*Baby Bundler Gowns

Birch Knits baby gowns

*Changing Pad Covers

Folk Song for the nursery

*Quilted Crib Bumper

(seriously awesome) patchwork crib bumper

*Crib Sheets

Quilter's Crib Sheet tutorial

*Repurposed Hooded Towel

repurposed Hooded Towel tutorial

*Moses Basket Bedding

Moses Basket bedding

*Baby Toys

 Baby toys!

*Burp Cloths

I HEART these burp cloths

*Quick Change Trousers

Quick Change Trousers

*little Geranium Dresses

Cricket Clover geranium dress

*Bapron and Burp Cloths

baby making 

*Lucas Wall Art 

Lucas in patchwork

*Nursery Versery Mini Quilt

Nursery Versery mini quilt

*Minky Rag Quilt 

a Baby Rag Quilt

*Baby wall art 

Writing on the Walls for a friend


  1. Wow, somehow I missed that minky quilt. Off to look more closely.

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