Friday, November 9, 2012

We Say Thanks with Whipstitch!

Celebrate Good Stitches

As a part of Celebrate Good Stitches, I want to thank the Hosts who make the continued growth of the do. Good Stitches quilting bee possible.  Each new circle of 10 ladies includes a host who takes on the leadership role in the circle.  In an ideal situation the host only has light admin duties like scheduling and a sending out addresses.  But, sometimes things get sticky and she must navigate awkward situations in order to care for the circle.  I'm so grateful for each of these women!  And, I know that the members of do. Good Stitches are too.

So, today we say "thanks" with the help of the awesome Deborah Moebes of Whipstitch fame.  Miss Deborah has served as a host herself, so her heart is definitely in our work.  As you might remember, Whipstitch revealed its plan to discontinue fabric sales this summer.  After a hiatus, their last bunch of designer fabric bolts are listed now at their Etsy shop at a 40% liquidation discount (use code LIDUID40 at checkout).

Deborah decided to set Whipstitch on this liquidation course in order to create physical space in her Atlanta location to offer more and more classes for modern sewists.  Today the list of Whipstitch Atlanta classes is looooooong.  And, did you know, she offers online classes too?

I thought our hosts would enjoy taking a Whipstitch class of their choice!  So, hosts, you get to choose from this list of 2013 online classes (listed in order of release):

*Sewing Knits
*Sewing Clothes for Kids
*Everyday Handbags
*Summer Dresses
*Fall Wardrobe
*Slip Covers
*Holiday Sewing

In addition, you might choose either Essential Sewing or Essential Quilting, which are introductory courses that can be started at anytime.  These classes range in value from $99 to $159, so Deborah has indeed been generous.  Thanks, Whipstitch!

Anyone thinking it's time (really, really time) to jump on the holiday sewing bandwagon?  I do.  I have plans to make just one decor item and one gift.  One and One.  Totally doable?  If you have big dreams but are short on inspiration and practical how to's, you should totally check out Deborah's Happy Handmade Holidays class, which started just this Monday.  It's a 5 week course and there's nothing wrong with starting now, since you can access this weeks' posts at your leisure.

Hey, wanna see a sneak peak? 

Yeah, I know, Deborah's adorable.  I love her book and everything, but getting her in class form - that's got to be the most fun!  You can read about what they're making at Happy Handmade Holidays and grab one of the last class spots right here.  To keep in touch with registering for her 2013 classes, you'll want to subscribe to Whipstitch the blog.

Thanks to the 20 ladies who act as hosts of our do. Good Stitches circles!  I'll be contacting you with details.  We hope you enjoy your gift!!!


  1. Yay! Thank you to Chris (bliss) circle) and all the other mamas! We appreciate all your work!

  2. that is so nice of deborah! she is so fun!

  3. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to contribute, Rachel, both as a host and with this giveaway!! Hope it gives the hosts some inspiration and a little bit of fun, just for them. :)

  4. Yes, thanks to Erica (WISH)! You deserve this!

  5. What a great idea - best wishes to all the ladies and particularly Care Circle's Karen who needs lots of love and looking after at the moment.

  6. Ditto with my thanks to Kay, who leads our merry little bunch, the Cherish circle.

  7. I am really excited about this, thanks so much!


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