Thursday, November 29, 2012

Aria Tablecloth, the Pattern!

Today's the day.  My pattern is ready, all tied with a bow, just waiting for you to come play!

The Aria Tablecloth pattern is available now for digital delivery at my Pattern Shop.  Stitch one up in 2 favorite colors and show off your patchwork style at your next party!  Birthdays, holiday fun, family feasts - totally makes for good pictures, I'm just saying.

{Two Tablecloth Sizes}

Medium: Ideal for rectangular tables ranging from 60-63” long (typically seat 6) and 38-39” wide. Finished work measures 56” x 80” finished. Note: If your table is both shorter and narrower (ex. 55” x 31”), the medium cloth will look lovely with patchwork extending proportionally on all sides, creating a longer skirt.

Large: Ideal for rectangular tables ranging from 79-81” long (typically seat 8) and 38-39” wide. Finished work measures 56” x 98”.

celebrations on Patchwork

This simple pattern is perfect for showcasing modern fabrics, and is suitable for a beginner to intermediate sewist. The layout relies on a 2-color scheme, which makes choosing fabrics so easy.  You could also use light vs. dark values to define the pattern, rather than color if you prefer a scrappy look!

two-tone Kona skirt

The Aria Tablecloth pattern includes details on how to sew your tablecloth with or without an overcast stitch function and with or without an overcast presser foot. Both tend to be available with modern sewing machines.  I think you'll be glad to get to know them, so use this opportunity to learn something new!

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  1. Well - reading until the very end of the post helps ! Found out now that the overcast stitch is explained in the pattern. Thanks anyway - really like the pattern !

  2. Thanks for putting this together, Rachel!

  3. Love it! I bet she was so excited when she spotted it!


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