Thursday, October 11, 2012

Scrap Challengers!

Goodness!  I just got home from a pretty cool field trip, followed by lunch with new friends at the creek, and now I'm back at home in the land of fabric.  It's time to buckle down to choose our scrap challengers.  I kind of feel like a kid burying her hand in a bowl of candy.  I don't know quite what I'll pull out, but I do know it'll be good!

new Scrap Challenge!

Thanks for sharing your ideas for our Pink Chalk Blue Moon bundle.  Soooo many good ideas, from robots to aprons.  Do remember that there's a fair bit of luck to which ideas get chosen.  As in, do I feel like purses today?  My only hard fast rule is to include both contestants I know (as in, I've seen them around the vastness that is blogland) and contestants whose spaces I had the pleasure of visiting for the first time through this process. Without further ado, our challengers are...

Jennifer of Jenn of All Trades who promised, "Pillows. I've been wanting to try some pieced feathers for awhile now. Oh, and some sketch journal covers!"  I've heard Jenn could use some inspiration to get back to her sewing machine.  Here's your chance, Jenn!

x & + progress, laid out
from Jenn of All Trades

 Robin of The Not-Ever-Still Life, who said, "I'd love to make a boy-doll for my boy-kid. He has two older sisters and plays with lots of girl dolls :) He's two and doesn't seem to mind at all but wouldn't it be nice for him to have a boy doll? I can see that burnt orange as the hair and the crossweave as the pants and that floral block print would make a great tiny necktie, wouldn't it?"

from The Not-Ever-Still Life

Jess of Stitched in Time, who explained, "Because I have been in full house design mode for the past few months, I immediately saw a curtain for my laundry room. The pops of red and contrasting blues would really brighten up the space quite nicely and the stripe does lend some order to the stack. Perhaps a chevron pattern?"

placemat 2
from Stitched in Time

And Caitlin of Salty Oat, who said, " I've really been digging navy and aqua lately. I'm actually going to a wedding the first weekend in November, and would love to use the fabrics to make a gift for the couple. I'm thinking either a mini quilt for the wall of their apartment or patchwork napkins for their table."

from Salty Oat
And if you're thinking, "she totally should have picked me", you're probably right!  I'll try to pick you next time.  A great big thanks to Pink Chalk Fabrics for this fun challenge.  We'll totally do it again sometime!  (And, if the Blue Moon bundle had your name written all over it, do visit Pink Chalk to get what's meant to be yours.)

Have fun, challengers!  We can't wait to see what you cook up!!!


  1. Congrats to the contestants!
    Can't wait to see what they come up with. :)

  2. This should be good. :) I might have to pop over to Pink Chalk and pick up this bundle. It's lovely!

  3. Yay! These all sound like fun ideas. I am especially anxious to see the boy doll!

  4. I don't envy in selecting the contestants. You did a great job choosing a variety of projects.

  5. Oh good choices, Rachel! Very worthy contestants :)

  6. Love the pictures! All of their designs look so modern! Can't wait.

  7. I love that you reminded us to go get the bundle if we love it so, I hadn't thought of that! Off to check it out.

  8. So glad someone said boy doll bc I was thinking that too! Cant wait to see these come to fruition.

  9. Yes! I'm in! Sooooo excited. And actually, I HAVE been sewing quite a bit, just haven't had the chance to blog about it. That's the curse of homeschooling kids with increasingly time-consuming needs and trying to take a class yourself, I guess. :) Pieced feathers, here I come.


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