Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hear ye, hear ye

I have announcements today!

Announcement no. 1

Lucas in patchwork


 Lucas has arrived!

A sweet little boy was born late summer to some good friends.   Thankfully there was no rush on his birthday gift (at the time I was all craft show all the time), since we figured Lucas would not be reading it anytime real soon.  I hope mama likes it!

wrapped around canvas

When I show fabric wall art, you often ask how it's done.  This time I'm remembering to tell you!  I start with a blank stretched canvas in the desired size and then make a fabric work about 2" larger than the canvas in each direction.  Then I wrap the fabric around the frame...

how I do my fabric wall art

And staple it at the back, pulling the fabric taught.  No, I don't actually "stretch" the fabrics for fear of distorting and weakening seams.  Brandon helps me by staple gunning the folded under edges at back.  It's simple and super fast!  Last of all, we (that would be Brandon) hammer in a hanging strip.  Ta da!

Announcement no. 2

value added button 240I'm super excited to announce that the Value Added quilt-along starts in less than 2 weeks!  I've teamed up with Leila of Where the Orchids Grow, Amy of Badskirt and Jolene of Blue Elephant Stitches to create a very informative values-oriented quilt-along.  Not those kind of values... color values.  You know, lights, darks and medium tones?  Well, if you don't know, you will!

We're starting off with a week of values education, followed by an assortment of free quilt tutorials.  Each of us has cooked up a special values concoction to share with you.  So, get those fabrics ready!  Value quilts are very scrap-friendly.  You could definitely make do so long as you have plenty of dark and light fabrics.   It's all about contrast!  So, prepare to challenge yourself!  The fun starts October 22nd.

Announcement no. 3

do. Good Stitches button
do. Good Stitches has been keeping me busy.  The larger our charity bee becomes, the more (sometimes tricky) admin tasks I have running behind the scenes.  It's amazing that there are now over 200 sewists working together to make quilts for charities the world over via our Flickr organization.  And, really, that deserves a celebration, don't you think?

I'm working on an end-of-the-year event to celebrate the work of do. Good Stitches, honoring all the many roles in our bee, as well as encouraging the finishing of any lingering quilt tops.  Even if you're not in the bee, you can help us out with some awards voting when the time comes.  I hope to make headway on all the details this weekend (in between hedging... blech.  At least it's hedging to prep for house painting!  Thanks for your well wishes. The painting is really going to happen!).

and one Final Announcement

I'm really pleased that yesterday's conversation was so productive and even-toned.  See, we can talk about tricky stuff!  Good job all!  I really learned a lot about the topic posed as well as other important tidbits that you all brought up.  So, thanks so much for your honest opinions. 

I've decided not to take on the ambassador role because I like the balance I've already struck and think it best to stay the current course.  That said, I have more to share in terms of disclosure on giveaways, contests and free fabric - things I didn't realize were important to share, but that I have no desire to hide.  While this isn't important to everyone, I figure I can write a general disclosure kind of post and link back to it at opportune times.  That way, I'm covering my bases wherever your interests lie. 

Thanks again for helping me along this path.  Your insight is truly prized!

xo, Rachel


  1. Very excited to hear about the value added QAL as I'd planned a value quilt of my own! Love the fabric wall out. Must give that a go!

  2. Love the wall art!! Looking forward to the QAL!

  3. My #1 excitement is that you're continuing to do your own thing. Smart business woman!

    Of course the rest of your announcements were cool pajamas. :D

  4. Yay for Lucas and his cute wall art! Yay for the house painting! Yay for the QAL! That sounds fun. Glad you made the best decision for YOU. Also, I'm happy to help with the do. Good Stitches stuff, anything you need, just ask! :)

  5. LOVE the wall art! I can totally picture one over each of my kid's beds. I also can't tell you how excited I am for the Value Added Quilt-Along! I need to get my sewing machine and supplies off the moving truck, so I can participate!

  6. Will definitely be tagging along with the values quilt along. At my usual snail pace though. :) Values are not a strong point for me. The quilting kind of course. :)

    Yay to the other announcements too! :)

  7. Look forward to the quilt along.

    So glad you stayed your course!

    I might have had to change allegiance to a new favorite blogger. Just kidding!💗

  8. I've needed help with values ~ looking forward to the quilt along and a bit more knowledge.
    Really like the Lucas picture ~ it's a great idea!

  9. I absolutely LOVE your Lucas wall art! Can you steer me towards a pattern/book or other reference for making the letters?

    1. Yes, I used a book called Word Play. It makes it easy!

  10. Oh no, another quilt-along! With people whose work I love. Whatever shall I do? ;)

  11. Love your wall art. You are such an inspiration!

  12. Great wall art, inspires me to try something like it. This is exactly why your blog is my favorite. Must say I am very happy that your blog will continue to be free of fabric marketing. While I understand the need to be compensated for all the time and effort it takes to be a blogger, I admit to getting tired of seeing marketing posts on other blogs, and don't even bother reading them.

  13. Trust me to take a blogreading break when something exciting happens - missed all of yesterday's excitement. Anyhoo, glad you made the decision that suits you - as everyone has the right to do with their own blogs (and those who don't like their decisions have the right to stop reading their blogs). I have absolutely no problem with people making a living from their blogs, and get a little annoyed at those who complain about ads and sponsorship and expect high calibre, free content all the time. Bloggers have to eat too!! (Especially when they've just spent all the grocery money on fabric.)

  14. I have been wondering how you make your wall art. :) Thanks for sharing your process! I really enjoyed reading the discussion from earlier in the week too. It has given me lots to think about. On my blog, next to my copyright statement at the bottom, I also have a short disclosure statement. If you would like some ideas for wording, this site is very good and follows the FTC guidelines very closely:

    1. Ooh, thanks, Jenelle! I will totally check that out!

  15. I love your Word Play letters! And, what a great idea to turn them into wall art! I've been making a couple of quilty letter projects, and brainstorming another, so I'm loving the inspiration of the Word Play book, and the inspiration of projects like yours.

  16. I love your wall hanging. I really need to do something for my poor, boring walls sometime.

    I'm glad the discussion helped. I'm sure it gave you a lot to think about. I'm glad you made the right decision for yourself at this moment. I'm sure if, in the future, you change your mind, another opportunity will present itself. We can't be "yes" people all the time, for everyone (and gosh, have I learned that the hard way).

  17. Sounds like you've found what you are comfortable with, Rachael! Good for you. :)

    I just may join the value added quilt along. I am finishing up my bottled rainbows quilt now and would like to actually do a quilt along rather than a quilt after!

    And...very cute wall hanging!

  18. Oh my favorite topic in removing muck from quilting! Can't wait to see what you all have cooked up!


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