Thursday, September 13, 2012

sewing again

It feels like it's been forever since I've really sewn.  Yesterday, I finally finished something on my "to make" list...

Wonky Pinwheels for do. Good Stitches

It's a Wonky Pinwheel block, designed and requested by Natalie of Greenleaf Goods for Love circle's September project.  She's got a tutorial up, so you can totally make your own.

Does the block look big to you?  It did to me.  I thought we were making one, until I had done a good bit of work (my bad - not reading directions carefully) and then I realized I had a ways more to go.

loving these colors!

Fortunately, I loved working with the colors she'd chosen - richly, deliciously "fall." 

So, yeah, pieces of these blocks lived on my work table for a week.   An unusual occurrence around here, for sure.

Wonky Pinwheels for Love circle

And I probably lost some "quilting brain" during my lapse because yesterday I kept sewing pieces upside down.  Now, finally, there are two!

uh-oh, time to quilt

Ok, so I have THREE quilts I'd like to finish within the next week or so.  (Naturally if you do a craft show, there's some catch-up sewing at the tail end.)  I'm ready to start quilting the smallest of them today.  There's a free motion design that I'm considering and am about to practice on a mini sandwich first.  It's pretty good odds that I'll retreat to straight lines...

Just glad to be sewing again!   


  1. Those wonky pinwheel blocks are darling! Thanks for the link to the tute. When I get that "quilter's brain" I know I need to take break. Sewing things on backwards or upside down seems to be my new specialty lately. Hope to see what comes of the FMQ experiment!

  2. Such gorgeous blocks! Gosh there are so many blocks out there I would love to try, sadly I've lost a lot of my sewing time =C

  3. I love those wonky pinwheel blocks! Yours look great, I wonder if they'd make a good choice for the Tula Pink QAL upcoming...

  4. I say go for the free motion. I'm in the midst of finishing a quilt done long long ago. It took me awhile to get up my free motion mojo as usual, but once I get started it's not so bad. And it's quicker than straight lines in some ways. So go for it!! Also been meaning to say thanks so so much for all the posts on your craft show. Glad you had fun with it and sold things. Wahoo!!

  5. Those are neat blocks! I'm happy you are sewing for yourself again. :-)

  6. What gorgeous colors! I can just imagine what a beautiful quilt those blocks will make!

  7. Love that wonky pinwheel! You're right the colors are deliciously autumn. I'm ready for autumn here! Good luck with fmq!!

  8. I love those wonky pinwheels and the fall colours - although I'm not normally a fan of either. Beuatiful work.

  9. Those wonky (just love that word) pinwheels are wonderful ~ took a look at the tutorial and they look fairly easy too.
    The quilt you're getting ready to quilt is really lovely ~ so fresh and vibrant with lots of color!

  10. Your pinwheel blocks are great! I really enjoyed making them! And wow, three quilts to finish! I've got two on my plate at the moment, so I feel your pain. And I totally relate to your straight-quilting ways! ;)

  11. The blocks are gorgeous. Natalie always comes up with such great ideas and I love her palette. Makes me really long for fall!

  12. Love the blocks, Rachel! And the other DGS quilt you're working on turned out great.


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