Thursday, September 6, 2012

a little Patchwork Style

When Craft Buds asked me to be a part of their second annual Craft Book Month, I only had to give it about 2 seconds of thought.  I can always use a little extra motivation to actually make one of the cool projects in one of my favorite craft books.  The real challenge would be choosing just one!

Patchwork Style by Koseki

Patchwork Styleis a great little book by Suzuko Koseki that's inspired many a project round here.  In fact, my kitchen rugs (circa 2009) were my first real sewing project.  They still look pretty sharp today, if I do say so.

Garden Party Purse

I've been using my Patchwork Style purse constantly (literally, every single day) since piecing it together in 2010.  And, actually, it's time to make a new purse, but that's not what I chose tackle.

raw edge applique - easy!

To me, Craft Book Month is about finally making a dream a reality.  Because, correct me if I'm wrong, but you probably own a few sewing books that you like to cuddle up and dream beside?  That's all good and well.  I fully encourage dreaming!  But, then again, making ideas tangible is a whole other very good thing.  There's a whole blog hop involved in this event (hey, thanks for stopping by!) that is fun if you want to look "inside" other sewing books.  But, you can also participate by entering your finished craft book project in a drawing for some cool prizes.  More details at the close of this post!

the apron

I wanted to make something more fun than practical, so  I chose this apron.

my Cash Apron from Patchwork Style

I'll be using it to hold cash at Indie Craft Parade this weekend.  I'm excited!  It's kind of like wearing a sign that says, "I make cool patchwork!"  Hehe.

Patchwork Style apron

Oh, and I altered the front patch pocket so that it can hold a pen, pencil and some business cards really nicely.  I used a generous helping of my special scraps, plus my favorite natural linen from

special pockets

Soo..... how did the project go?  Well, much of the same you might hear on any review of a Japanese style craft book.  The directions are very light on words and heavy on diagrams.  I'm not so great at reading maps, so I have to study the diagrams for what feels like eons to see what they want me to see.  In the end, with this project (as with other Patchwork Style projects) I follow some of the directions and fudge the rest to my liking rather than drive myself bonkers trying to understand.

just a little Apron

Since I had the same experience making those rugs long ago, it's kind of comforting to know I wasn't a complete idiot back then.  Or.... I'm still an idiot now?   Oh well.  I'm more confident with fudging for sure!

hello, Badger!

Bottom line, I do love this book.  The Patchwork Style projects are very inspiring and the directions DO give me enough traction to successfully make the projects.  I would love to own more books by Suzuko Koseki, who is such a patchwork genius.  And, I'd even like to get some of the ones that are only published in Japanese!  I guess the language doesn't have to be that big of a barrier, really.  Now, if only money were no issue!

Here's the details on the Craft Book Month blog hop and contest:

Week One
Sunday 9/2: Hopeful Threads / The Jolly Jabber
Monday 9/3: Stitchery Dickory DockMe Sew Crazy
Tuesday 9/4: Olive & OllieSew Sweetness
Wednesday 9/5: Fabric SeedsThe Busy Bean
Thursday 9/6: CraftFoxesStitched In Color
Friday 9/7: Katie's KornerA Prairie Sunrise

Week Two
Sunday 9/9: Sweet Diesel Designsmissknitta's studio
Monday 9/10: Sew TaraClover and Violet
Tuesday 9/11: Sew Fantasticamylouwho
Wednesday 9/12: Projektownia JednoiglecTwo More Seconds
Thursday 9/13: Ellison Lane QuiltsDon't Call Me Betsy
Friday 9/14: Live a Colorful LifeLRstitched

Week Three
Sunday 9/16: Fairy Face DesignsCanoe Ridge Creations
Monday 9/17: Inspire Me GreyFreshly Pieced
Tuesday 9/18: Lindsay SewsThe Cute Life
Wednesday 9/19: The Littlest ThistleSew Crafty Jess
Thursday 9/20: Urban Stitchesimagine gnats
Friday 9/21: Sew Bittersweet DesignsThe Plaid Scottie

Week Four
Link up your craft book project at Craft Buds from Sept 23-30 from your blog or Flickr account, and enter to win prizes. Winners will be announced on Monday, October, 1!

To participate in the month-long contest, just link up any project you've made from a pattern in a craft book. That easy! One entry per person, and all craft book projects must have been completed in 2012. Just create a new blog post or Flickr photo (dated September 1, 2012 or later) and link back to Craft Buds in your post or photo description.

No time to create a project? This month, just follow Craft Buds and comment to win some new craft books and lots of giveaways!

If you'd like to see more of my recommendations for beginning sewing, quilting, embroidery, etc. craft books, check out my Books page.  Happy dreaming! 


  1. LOL im pretty sure most of us would love more money. Very pretty apron. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh wow! The apron is beautiful, but that purse is incredible!!! I would use it all the time too! :)

  3. I love the apron and I must make that purse. I cant get enough purses. Your purse is sew wonderful. I must order that book from my internet bookshop.

    1. Haha, yes, the purse is great. That's why I haven't been able to put it down. But, I've worn it out!

  4. oh that apron is totally totally you! love it! xo

  5. Lovely apron! I had a dream last night about your craft fair and that you were very successful! I am not going because I live in Maryland, but I dreamt I was there...I dreamt there was a minimum amount you had to sell to stay past the first day as a vendor and you surpassed that amount easily. So hopefully I can predict the future:)

    1. Wow, Jamie! I'm so flattered. Gosh, what a crazy world this is when you're dreaming on behalf of your blog friends. I love it!

  6. Love that little apron! I need to make something like that to hold all my quilting paraphernalia when I'm standing at the long arm.......

  7. Hey I have that book open on my sewing table! I really love what you did with the quilting for that - *note to self* don't use any AMH fabrics if I make one of my own and be a copycat!

    1. Hey now, copying is just a form of flattery =)

  8. What a fun apron such a pretty style!
    Is the book written in symbols or actual words? =D

  9. That is such a great apron! I also like the alteration that you did to the pocket. I think it will certainly be handy to have during the fair.

  10. Love your apron. Good luck this weekend. I had hoped to come but I don't think it's going to happen. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

  11. Love the purse -- AND the apron!! Good luck this weekend.

  12. One one my favorite parts of your blog are your pictures. I love how you photograph your projects. They present loveliness.

  13. Bought the book last year because of your adorable purse and have finally figured out that it is NOT made of corduroy, rather you did a great job with your vertical quilting!!! A picture of the purse has been haunting me for over a year now and finally I get it! Yippee! Love the apron, too :)

  14. love love the apron and cute pictures of you! :)

  15. Nice apron. I made almost entire book as I'm taking part of Zakka Sew Along. There is one more to go. If I can link up from any craft book I have definitely enought to choose from.

  16. This looks like a great book with lots of projects I would do! Love that apron.

  17. Love the apron! And I NEED an apron with pockets! I am constantly leaving my "stuff" laying around and of course, I cannot remember where I left anything. The apron would be perfect for me ... my daily travel apron!

    Will be purchasing this book ... I'm excited!

    Thank you!

  18. Kitty!!! Sorry, now that I've got that out of my system, I love your patchwork apron! It's so fun, and full of special fabrics!


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