Friday, April 6, 2012

teal and olive

It's fun to hear all the many things you are working on in the comments of yesterday's giveaway.  Thanks for sharing! Around here, I got to make another camper gift...

Orange Peel journal

Yep, another journal cover.  But, I promise she wanted one.  I'm not a pusher.

The front of the cover features an orange peel block component.  This component was a practice piece for one of our projects in Curves Class.  I'm glad to put it to good use!

Orange Peel journal back

On the back is another mini block I made while developing the class.   These gentle curves are fun to make, but I ended up deciding they were a little too easy for the project I was working towards at the time.

again with the teal and olive

Hmmm... do you detect a theme?  Again with the teal and olive.

hmm... a theme?

In fact, lots of the things I've been making lately have this cool, aqua-teal vibe.  It's a pretty look, but now I'm ready for more color for sure.  More, more, more!

my next quilt

These are the fabrics I've pulled for my next quilt!  Hooray!  This is mostly Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt for Freespirit with some teal, butter yellow and soft pink tones thrown in.  Oh, and I pulled out the dots which were for some reason bothering me.  Weird.

I have big plans - big plans I tell ya - for this one.  More on that shortly, I hope!

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter!


  1. Love it so far; what pretty fabrics!

  2. Love what you've been making! The fabric collection is awesome!! =D

  3. Thanks for sharing the eye candy!

  4. I've seen a similar block over at flickr and someday I'll try it out. Nice cover!

  5. Love your fabric choices and that journal cover is great, I never thought to make one of those, but I think I will now :)

  6. Love the FMF fabric. I am sure it will make a beautiful quilt.

  7. The new journal cover is lovely! I'm sure the recipient will enjoy it. I look forward to hearing more about your new project!

  8. Thank you for the darling journal cover! I am so happy that I took Curves Camp class, and it was great to have a goal to finish my merit badges and then receive a special gift from you : )
    Thanks so much!


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