Friday, March 16, 2012

on my table

Remember last Friday, when I started Alabama Chanin again?  I was able to finish off the stitching on one piece during our long weekend drive.  With the last light of the evening, I indulged in the very best part - cutting the aqua jersey to reveal the underlayer. 

Reverse Applique

Mmm... the reveal. It's so good.

What wasn't so good was hand sewing through the Tulip fabric paint.  It created a thick, disappointing plasticy layer that my needle didn't appreciate.  Happily, the reveal cuts away almost all of the paint, so that I don't think it much matters anymore.  But, I wouldn't want to do a large project with the Tulip brand fabric paint.  That's for sure.

Needlebook a la Alabama Chanin

Here's the finished needlebook!  The underlayer fabric is an oldie by Cosmo Cricket and the binding is a Lecien dot.

just having fun

On the inside, more cuteness.

Wanna know something funny?  I was originally going for subtle and sophisticated with this one.   HA!  But I fell in love with the Cosmo Cricket orange sketchbook print paired with the solid aqua.  And then the dots.  After that there was no denying the playful, girly vibe.  Ah well, there's always next time.

Alabama Chanin Needelbook

Far from sophisticated, but I'm still quite happy with the results.  I hope one of my campers is too!

Also, I've made some recent acquisitions of the cloth kind.

FMF basics

Now this is no surprise.  Seems like everyone is buying up the new Free Market Fancy these days.  I plan to get more, but these are the seeds I preordered from Pink Castle Fabrics.  Wasn't taking any chances with the seeds.  They kind of look awesome with everything.  Everything.


But this... did you see this coming?  We went to Ikea on last weekend's trip, so I spent some time in the fabric department. The royal blue print will be the perfect backing for Half a Trip Around the World.  The darker print, called Patricia, is one I've crushed on for awhile.  It doesn't feel right for this time of year, but I'm glad I took it home. And the bright blue dot... it's an oilcloth fabric - my first.  What should I do with it?  I bought a yard.  Hmm.....

Happy Weekend!


  1. Very cool! I think I am going to try some of that in the near future. I also scooped up the FMF on pre-order. Woo hoo! Love the ikea choices. The grey print is so graphic!

  2. That project is very neat and will make you feel so happy every time you use it.

  3. Hi Rachel, what if you did the hand stitching just outside the paint so you don't have to drive your needle through it? Then when you cut the fabric you'd have a thinner outline, but the paint would still show. Just an idea! It looks GREAT anyway! :)

    1. Yes, that would definitely be easier stitching. One good thing about the paint is that it certainly lends stability to the raw edges. But, I know that Alabama Chanin uses a much nicer paint...

  4. I LOVE that needle book. It's gorgeous!

  5. The needlebook is really nice!

    :-) The dark fabric from Ikea I used on my shopping bag :-) (

    Have a nice weekend! J.

  6. This post makes me want to go to Ikea! Especially love the gray flowery one!

  7. seeds.... love them. cute cute cute needleholder.

  8. I just started a new AC project (the hat from her new book: because it's small!). Time consuming but so worth it. I stitch right up against the outside line of the fabric paint, but not through the paint. Much easier, and the stitching frames the painted edge of the cut-away.

    Love your aqua/orange colors together!

  9. ABSOLUTELY LOVE that needlebook!

  10. Well, this only works if you want a lighter color than the outer jersey, but I've seen people use bleach pens in the same way you used the paint.

  11. Such a gorgeous needle book!!! Ikea has a fabric department?....then again The UK and USA vary =D

  12. Love the style of the needle book, but good note about the fabric paint

  13. i LOVE how your needlebook turned out-just beautiful-great work!

  14. Love, love, love Ikea on so many levels! My teenaged son made a bag out of the dark fabric last year. It looks just beautiful! As does that needlebook! I love it! I am working hard on my Curves Camp projects, March 31st is looming, but I think I will get there! I have decided which projects I will make and last night I dreamt I was making the mod blossom. Darn, if only dreams counted!

  15. What a beautiful needle book! Those layers of fabrics looks so cute!


  16. Great job! I follow your blog everyday. Would you share information about your label that you attach to your work? I am interested in purchasing labels.

  17. Cute needle notebook! I have that Ikea fabric on the left, I had covered my living room chairs with it!!!! It is so beautiful!!! I am thinking of making a bag with what I have left over, it is a great tote bag weight!

  18. You also might try watering down the Tulip paint to make it more flexible, but the color may not be as strong depending on your color combos (dark paint on light fabric would work watered down but may not be as noticible with light paint on dark).

  19. Thanks for sharing the post here. Keep up the good work. All the best.

  20. The Cosmo Cricket print is one of my favorites! It looks wonderful here, and I just love the needle book. I like your Ikea finds, too! Great prints!


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