Thursday, March 29, 2012

Festival of Scrappiness - Winners!

Well, you're all winners, really, as I believe you know!  And, wow, there were so many quilters who submitted multiple quilts.  How thrilling to see millions of scraps put to good use by your industrious and talented hands!  Gold stars all around!!!

But, yes, there are actual winners who get to take home actual prizes thanks to some generous folks who will also be herewith mentioned and appreciated.  I've just finished viewing and visiting ALL of the entries.  Now it's time to put Mr. Random to work to award our door prizes...

::1::  From The Warm Company, one 90" x 40 YARD roll of Warm & Natural batting goes to....

Entry 164, Kristy Anderson  

 ::2::  From The Intrepid Thread, the complete Hello Pilgrim by Lizzy House fat quarter set goes to....

Entry 39, Nicke at Kiss, Kiss Quilt

  ::3::  From JAQs fabrics, her Pretty Stripes Half Yard bundle goes to....

Entry 124, Kelly at KelbySews

::4::  From Fresh Modern Fabric, a lively Metro Living fat quarter bundle goes to....

Entry 59, Marion at My Quilt Diet

::5::  From Pink Castle Fabrics, the complete Hope Valley Fat Quarter Bundle goes to....

Entry 198, Krista at Spotted Stone Studio

::6::  From Aurifil, a set of 12 extra large spools of their cotton 50wt threads goes to....

Entry 55, Tunde

::7::  From Marmalade Fabrics, Amy Butler's Lark Dreamer fat quarter set goes to....

Entry 6, Deb of Life on the Selvage Edge

::8::  From Bloomerie, a trio of delightful Moda charm packs:  Circa 1934, A Walk in the Woods and Reunion goes to....

Entry 11, Flaun of I Plead Quilty

::9::  From Emily Cier of Carolina Patchworks, a signed copy of Scrap Republic goes to....

Entry 161, Rockgranny

::10::  From Canadian-based Mad About Patchwork, one yard of a classic Kaffe Fassett print along with 12 fat quarters coordinating shot cotton solids goes to....

Entry 185, Hafza

::11::  From The Warm Company, one 90" x 40 YARD roll of Warm & White batting goes to....

Entry 218, Anna at Six White Horses  

::12::  From Contemporary Cloth, this super-fun half yard bundle of Fly Away by Amy Schimler and Remix by Ann Kelle goes to....

Entry 260, Marika
::13::  From Swell Cloth, a Jennifer Paganelli Crazy Love fat quarter bundle goes to....

Entry 316, Anne

::14::  From Aurifil, a set of 12 spools of their wool 12wt threads goes to....

Entry 84, Kelly at Jeliquilts

 ::15::  From Whipstitch, a Pezzy Prints complete fat quarter bundle goes to....

Entry 211, Sharon S

::16::  Scraps from guest blogger Completely Cauchy go to....

Entry 27, Vicki in MN

::17::  Scraps from guest blogger Badskirt Amy go to....

Entry 113, Michelle at Little Peanut

::18::  Scraps from guest blogger Jolene of Blue Elephant Stitches go to....

Entry 16, Bettina

::19::  Scraps from guest blogger Ayumi of Pink Penguin go to....

Entry 253, Hitch & Thread

::20::  And my scraps go to....

Entry 280, Jennifer at My Artfully Chaotic Life

FMF grand prize

And the Grand Prize from Sew Love Fabrics, the complete Free Market Fancy fat quarter bundle goes too....

Balu51 on Flickr for the stunning Star Quilt below:

Star Quilt

What a cipher it was to choose just one quilt for the grand prize!  But this scrappy star quilt has certainly captured my heart.  I can stare and stare out it, noticing how she used different scraps for the entire work (no background solids), making careful use of values to define a hazy division between the upper left blues and the lower right reds.  It's charming how some stars fade away and others stand out.  And then there are little diamonds where blocks meet.  Altogether a very artful use of scraps, I'm sure you'll agree!

Congratulations Balu51 and all other winners!  I am emailing each of you now, so check your inbox.  Thanks again for everyone who made the Scrap Attack Quilt Along and Festival of Scrappiness possible, from guest bloggers to sponsors to each individual quilter who joined in.  It's been an absolute pleasure!


  1. That is a long list of winners! I had fun participating, and I really enjoyed seeing all of the wonderful projects shared. Congratulations to the winners! Balu51's star quilt is amazing!

  2. While it is a bummer I didn't win, it was fun to play along! :) A huge congrats to those of you who won! And Balu51, your quite is beautiful! I'm sure you'll have fun with those fabrics!

  3. Congratulation to all the winners! I love almost all scrap quilts! They all look fantastic!

  4. The scrappy star quilt is gorgeous!

  5. I was bummed to not finish my quilt top to enter, but I probably wouldn't have stood a chance anyhow! That star quilt was the very quilt that stood out to me with the entries too! I would have picked that the winner too! :)

  6. well deserved grand prize winner. That is genius use of value.

  7. Congrats to all the winners - what great prizes and I'm still making my way through the festival of quilts - so inspiring!

  8. I'm happy to be a winner. Thanks to Rachel for hosting this project. Congratulations to winner of Grand Prize. Her quilt is amazing.

  9. I'm so excited to be a winner! Thanks, Rachel, for dreaming up such a fun quilt-along. And a big congratulations to the grand prize winner - her quilt is stunning! :)

  10. What a beautiful array of scrappy quilts -- congratulations to all the winners!

  11. Imagine the yardage that got used up in all these quilts just in scraps! Thanks to Rachel for organising, to the sponsors for the nice prizes, and the contestants for the eye candy and inspiration :-). And congratulations to the winners of course!

    Mieneke from the Netherlands

  12. The winning quilt is just beautiful!

    I am so excited to win the thread set, thanks so much for hosting this.

  13. Well done to the winners and thanks Rachel for bringing this all together x

  14. Wow, the winning quilt is transfixing! I absolutely love it. :D Thank you for all your hard work putting this together and thank you to all the very generous sponsors! I'm so ecstatic I won such a very vibrant and cheerful set of fabric!

  15. this was such a fun series rachel!!! if only everyone could win :) your prizes were so generous and i have really enjoyed participating in the QAL as well as viewing the amazing quilts. so fun, so lovely!

  16. Congratulations to the winners!!!! Rachel, thank you so much for organising the festival, I have had so much fun!.

  17. I knew there were a lot of prizes but WOW!! Congrats to everyone, all the projects have been great to see!

  18. Wow, the winning quilt is spectacular! Such a fun quilt along - it has ben so inspiring to see all the entries!

  19. Congratulations to all the winners and what a fab grand prize winner. Thank you for all that work organising this.

  20. Wow, I'm thrilled to win a prize! Thank you for this great Festival. I now love my scraps!

  21. That list has got to be a record - it's a mile long!!! How fun and exciting. I felt like I knew so many people from having browsed at their pictures. Congrats to all.

  22. I'm sending a Festival of Congratulations and Happiness to the scrappy winners!

  23. I'm sorry I didn't win but since it was THIS blog that inspired me to quilt in the first place, I still feel like a winner for having a great new hobby and a great place as a kick off for inspiration!

  24. It was an exciting display of scrap quilts - a virtual quilt show of inspiration! Congratulations to all the winners, thank you for hosting, and thank you to all the sponsors.

  25. Congrats to all the winners. I'm not so surprised by the winner of the grand prize, I also was impressed with the what the blue and red scraps were chosen to transition throughout the quilt.

  26. Yay! Congrats to all the winners! I have been entirely jealous of all your entries!

  27. YIPPEEE! thank you so much for hosting and for the great sponsors and prizes! I've had my eye on the bundle for a while - can't wait to play with it! What a great treat to see all these scrappy quilts and the grand prize winner - SPECTACULAR!

  28. They were all beautiful! I probably would not have won with such stiff competition, but I never could get my entry to upload. Maybe next time!

  29. thanks again rachel for this! i am so happy to have won and congrats to all the winners!!!

  30. Yay!!! Thanks Rachel! Gotta love free fabric!

  31. Congratulations to the winners!!!! Balu51, your quilt is beautiful !

  32. Oh my...20 random prizes was the scrap bag ones in particular. A great idea for a wonderful festival. I found so many lovely quilts and blogs through the links. I have a random tiny Easter fabric give-away at my tiny blog. If you want better odds girls, feel free to stop by. Only 2 entries so far. That's 50/50 odds.

  33. It took me some time to realize that my scrap quilt won the grand prize. I'm very happy, "überglücklich"! Thank to Rachel for organizing this opportunity to show our scrap quilts, to the sponsors for the great prizes and to all the people writing such nice comments. By the way, the wonderful fat quarter bundle won't be lonely in its new home. There are still a lot of scraps to keep them company. Many thanks again to everybody.

    1. Is your quilt based on Katy Jones' Constellation quilt??

  34. Many thanks to Rachel for organizing and to the sponsors of the great prices!! I am so happy to have won and congratulations to all other winners!!

  35. Congrats to the winners and thanks Rachel and sponsors--this was a fun event and really got me motivated!

  36. Thank you again so very much, Rachel- and a huge thanks to Jolene for the fabulous prize (I am thrilled, that was the best prize of all I think!) It was so much fun to push myself to make my first quilt/patchwork item, to be able to participate, to see all the fantastic, inspiring projects and I can't wait to make more quilty things now!!
    I actually sat for a couple of hours yesterday and looked at every single item, the links and added lots of blogs and flickr images to my faves as a result:)

  37. Congratulations to the winners and thank you Rachel this was so fun!!!

  38. Hey Rachel, I never got an email. Do you need any info from me?

  39. Thanks Rachel for organising this, scrap quilts are so lovely! Love the winners quilt, well deserved win!

  40. Congrats to all the winners!! This was such a fun challenge for me, I am so happy I did join in!! Thank you, Rachel!

  41. I rec'd the Pezzy Print fabrics from Whipstitch today! YEAH!!! Thank you SO much and thank you Rachel, for organizing this! Can't wait to play with these yummy fabrics :-)

  42. I just received the Warm & Natural batting from The Warm Company! I can't believe how fast that came! Thank you again!! I feel so lucky to get such a valuable prize. Kristy Anderson


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